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Anyone Seen Pictures Avalanches At The Texas Fair


Full Member
Jul 7, 2002
Southern U.S.
I know they were supposed to debut the Claddless ones at the Texas State Fair....and I have not seen any pictures from it at all..


Saw it, but no pics, sorry. ?Didn't like it...looked like a regular truck with sail panels. Also saw the Baja.... "cute".

No-one will ever call my Av "cute".

I did see a 4x4 version of Ford's Excursion or Expedition that looked pretty nice.
Yeah I don't think I am going to like it either.....I am waiting to see a black LT version of it before I make up my mind completely...since the only one that has been posted so far is that plain red one,with the black fender flairs and door handles...it *might* look allright if those were body colored too..but I am with you...The Avalanche is perfect just the way it is and I can't imagine liking it anymore than I do right now....and no it is NOT CUTE...THANK GOODNESS...lol

Thanks for the update:)