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Anyone Thinking Of Trading In For An '03


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May 11, 2002
Royal Oak, Michigan
Is anybody else out there SERIOUSLY thinking of trading in for an '03. I'm going to call my dealer today and get the specifics on what my situation would turn into. I know I'll get screwed on a trade-in, but selling it outright is gonna be tough too, with the rebates and financing on the 03's. What do you guys think is reasonable for my truck
Perfect condition - not a mark on it, 3.73 gears, 4x4 z-71, sunroof & all the mods below, 9500 miles, no leather or onstar. Sticker was $38,500
Sure, but then I wake up realizing GMAC wouldn't let me out of my current lease as I still have 30 months left! Plus, I look at it as how cool will the 05's be!

Actually, we are considering dumping the wife's Grand Am lease and financing a new trailBlazer or..... maybe another 02 Av? Hey, the deals are so good why the heck not. Cost of an 02 Av would be about the same anyway....

Will have to think that one over - Jamie

Then next September trade it for the '04
the next year trade for '05
the next year trade for '06
the next year trade for '07
the next year trade for '08
the next year trade for '09
the next year trade for '10....

Thats every car dealer's dream, a guy who, being perfectly happy with his present vehicle,
lets a few " great new features" talk him into
loosing thousands of $ every 12 months!!!

Only In America!
No. I've spent a lot of money getting the Av to look just the look I want. The only thing that attracts me to the 03 is the steering wheel controls. I would really like to have that but not enough to switch
As much as I think the new AV has the color and features that I would appreciate, I don't believe I would trade my AV in.
Yes, I thought about it. I WAS very happy with my stealer until they offered me $22,000 for my fully loaded 2500 4x4 (everything but the sunroof) which by the way is in perfect condition. :8:
Actually I would never trade anyway I always sell then buy and I usually run my trucks for 150,000 miles+ (about 5 years) before I even consider selling them.

I won't be looking to get a new one until there is a Duramax offered.

My dealer does treat me very well. I don't think they have a clue yet what the used market will be - given all the rebates that have been offered.

This has been the best vehicle I have ever owned.