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Anyone Worried - Rear Bed Rust?



I was showing a friend the features of the AV. I lifted the rear cargo mat and there was some water under it, which is 'normal' from what I have read. We stared talking and the concern is as follows:

? The truck vibrated as one uses it everyday

? The paint will begin to wear on the bed from the rubber ribs of the mat

? Here in LA (Lower Alabama) it is extremely humid. The water/moisture under the cargo cover panels will just stay and not evaporate.

? Is the steel bed rust protected?

? Should we be concerned as AV owners with the possibility of the hidden rust?

? How many of you all remove your cargo mats and air out the bed during the car cleaning ritual?

Isn't the entire bed made of dura-whatever?? I don't beleive there is any metal under that paint to rust..
Snowslide - No "Dura whatever" under the rear mat.
I had mine sprayed with Linex. That water scared me, I hate rust.
The reason I chose Linex is that it can be applied very thin, and it dries about as fast as it's applied.
Turned out well.
I have also been thinking of spraying the truck bed. How many people have done this? Is there anything to be concerned about?

ther have been some that i have seen with the line x spray bed liner in them. Was thinking about it for mine
I am not worried about rust...I do remove the mat twice a year to clean under and then apply Zaino....

If it ever rusts then I will look into applying Linex or similar..until then I plan on spending my $$$ on mods I like. >:D
I'm not really worried at all. We've got 3/36 warranties, so if you notice rust, it's covered.
Since I don't use my bed too often, I removed the rubber mat to prevent the water buildup and condensation. Then I just toss it in when I know I'll need to haul something.
I'm not so sure that surface rust is covered. According to what I've been reading, it's "rust-through" coverage... Which is their way of saying that if you get rust any time during the first 6 years of ownership, they'll be happy to repair or replace any affected parts that have actually RUSTED THROUGH! :mad:

In 5 1/2 months I've never removed the rubber mat or cleaned the bed or waxed it or lined the bed. I'm such an irresponsible Av owner! Bad owner! Bad, bad, bad owner. ;)
I too am seeing some rust and have noticed that water doesn't evaporate quickly under the mat.

I think a coating of something is a good idea. Hopefully I can find something I can apply myself.

After having the Av for over a good 6 months now, I haven't noticed any rust or anything unusual going on under the rubber mat....I would suggest that when weather permits or when your just cleaning up doing some preventive maintanance...to take the mat out and at the very least let the air get to that bad boy and dry things up a bit....I noticed that once the condensation gets trapped under there it is very difficult to get rid of unless you completely remove the mat....

Give the bed a wash and a wax, and inspect for any scatches that might manifest itself to rust.....once dry place mat back in making sure no objects or debris are trapped in that bad boy.... :B: