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Are You Neglecting Your Old Ride?


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Jan 28, 2002
Larkspur, CO
OK, now that most of us are driving BBAA's (Big Bad Ass Av's), how many feel that you're neglecting your old vehicle?

I kept my '94 ZJ w/ 4" TeraFlex lift, oversized BFG tires, Hi-Perf Engine PCM, MagnaFlow muffler and bunches of other stuff... and feel bad that now it just sits in the driveway. Maybe it's time to sell it?

Guess this is normal for me though. I had separation anxiety after trading in my old Wrangler (YJ) for the Grand Cherokee (ZJ).
Hope. I sold mine. :( It was bittersweet parting with my old Nissan Pathfinder. Better gas mileage, and I off roaded with it just about anywhere. However the AV is much more usable and gets lots of looks and questions. My wife didn't mind the AV since that meant she got the Lexus RX-300 full time. It's a lot nicer than her former Toyota RAV4.
I don't have this problem, since the wife has the VW passat and drives it on a daily basis I traded in my old ride for my Av....

Nothing will be sitting around getting lonely.. :)
know the feeling. I will keep my Beetle, and my wife will trade in her Mountaineer for the AV. Unfortunately, she will be primary driver on the AV until we buy the Mini Cooper. Once that happens, I will park the Beetle and use it only for show, my wife will get the mini, and I will have the AV. It all works out in the end. ;D
Traded mine in! It should find a good home somewhere.
I sold my Grand Cherokee to my neighbor,,,,,now I get to see it out the window everyday. No problems with it , but I had to have my AV ;) He loves it and we're both happy..... but I have the BBAA ;D