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Ash Tray Removal



Here is a good question. New Av owner I am, and not wanting to foul up the look of the interior by attaching my brake controller underneath the dash.

The best place and most practical in my opinion is where the ash tray is, will give a nice look and be within reach. I need to take out the rails that the ash tray rides on, but unfamiliar with taking them out, or removing the cover of the dash to get at the locking tabs.

Anyone have knowledge or experience with this? If I can get it out and install the brake controller in it, I will post pictures, but i want to have it in this location.

I appreciate any help.
the ashtray should slide out and then press down on the thingy in the back to fully remove....

Then look inside at the rails.....Never really looked at them to remove.....you also may want to check some threads in the Towing section about the brake controllers I beleive there are some pics of where people mounted theirs....

Welcome to the club.
FYI - I don't know if you'll need to do this, but your dash trim faceplate will also pop out rather easily if you need it to. Start by slowly pulling it outward right about the ashtray, and work your way around the whole bezel popping out the clips.
I was looking at the dash trim just a few minutes ago, while making a run to the hardware store at work. If I get it off, looks like it will give me some room to look at the rails, and then to get at the backs of them to remove. I found no screws or other hardware inside the ash tray slot, so it must be riveted to the panel or secured with a screw to the steel panel behind the dash..

Last year I replaced the heater core on my 97 f150. Found lots of hidden screws, I'm sure this one is no different.

Anyone else thought of the same thing?
Thanks for the welcome. I have been watching this site for a couple of months, while pondering the purchase of my AV. Checking on reporting of problems by owners, and modifications. Wife says I should wait on a few of the mods, she wants a set of tube rails first to make getting in a lot easier. Did do the Mag Lite mod, best idea since sliced bread.
???Thanks for the kudos. I have taken off the dash trim and all accessories located above the ash tray. Not hard, and fairly straight forward. The rails and housing for the ash tray are not bolted through to the dash, but are dimpled into the plastic and might break if forced out. guess I'll leave it for now, don't want to buy a new dash covering for a two week old AV!

Mounted it right where everyone else has. Hey, it works. Now, what else can I get started.