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Attacked By A Tree Branch..not That Bad


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May 28, 2002
Floresville, TX
I was driving home tonight from Union Oregon going about 62miles per hour (55 zone) and in the head lamps I see somthing on the road so I slow down a bit buy the time I got to it I was going about 55mph and then I saw it, it was a tree branch I swerve around it and it just nics me it go a little scrach on the paint right above the cladding and it put a scrach in the cladding :C: :8: :7: well the scrach on the paint is not too bad it did not go too deep the cladding is in the lower bumper so it is not noticable unless you look at it. just thought I would share my day with you. One good thing that happend I went to the gas station and a guy gave me a dollor to change the AV for him (y)

AvaLance $1 richer >:D
Darn them Branches!!

You need to tell them to stay outta your way, Lance!

Yeah no joke they need to stay out of the way I mean it is one thing to get scarchs when you are off-roading but on dry ground. :rolleyes:
A tree branch attacked my truck several months ago. The city is trying to lessen traffic on a street and to do so, put concrete barriers in the centre and on the side of the street in an alternating fashion so that you must zigzag now. Unfortunately, traffic is now driving where vehicles used to park and the city neglected to trim the tree branches above some of these areas. By the time I saw the branch, it was too late. It caused some minor damage to the clearcoat but it was not too horrible. I contacted the city and they paid for the repair. (Just a polish, mainly.)

So I understand where you're coming from. :)
Sounds like you need better headlights... or to slow down, nah, go the headlight option. It's called outdriving your vision... when your reaction time + stopping distance = further than you can see.

Those tree branches are really hard to see in the dark, it's a pity the greenies can't paint them white so we can see them better. ;)
Same here. A fallen tree branch sticking out around a mild bend caught my left forward pillar, hitting with a loud bang and that is with the radio on. There was on-coming traffic to so I could not swirve. When I stopped to check for damage, by some miracle there was none. ;D

Maybe the Star Trek deflector shields mod I installed a few days earlier had something to do with it. ;)

Anyway - good luck!
I know what your trouble is. A few years back when I was younger I bought a new snowmobile. Only had it a short time hit a tree big time. Wife was not happy says I should have told the bartender more mix more ice. Well during the repair one of my good friends told her he found a wood magnet in the front end. Being that my wife is blond I think she belived him and I was good to go. So maybe a look behind the cladding might be in order.
THEOFILOS2002 said:
Maybe the Star Trek deflector shields mod I installed a few days earlier had something to do with it. ? ;)

The deflector shield would be nice but I think I will save up for the phasers instead. Helpful in slow traffic too. >:D
Yeah I got attacked by a tree branch a couple of weeks ago right after our last good sized snow storm. A branch was hanging out on a blind curve near my house. I was able to swerve out a bit but it banged the right mirror against the window and broke the mirror. The outside of the mirror, control, etc. was OK, just the mirror broke. I think the branch caught the mirror right on the lower edge black plastic.

I went right to the GMC dealer in town (Chevy dealer's parts counter is closed on Saturday!) and he had a replacement heated mirror in stock. $40 and 2 minutes in the parking lot and everything was ok again :) A couple of little scratches on the passenger window but I was lucky.