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Autometer Steering Column Gauge Pod


Full Member
Sep 9, 2002
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Hi all,

has anyone tried the Autometer 15007 Steering column gauge pod yet? You can see it under Gauge works at the autometer web site.

I'm looking into adding a transmission temp gauge and I'm afraid of taking my cluster apart to replace the
whole thing (rattles you know....)

Next ?: How can I tap into the wiring to access the already installed trans temp sending unit (Z66-2003) with an autometer or similar gauge?

Thanks much, Juan
7 minutes for 1st timers, i just took mine out and put i back (again) ?to do a time test.... 3 minutes!
go to jpcustoms.com he has lots of clusters with trans temp gauges.
yeah what Rod said, I swear I have had mine (guage cluster) in and out in under 5. As for the notion of adding just a tranny temp gauge to your factory cluster, while I have heard it can be done (and I can assure you it won't rattle around) the cost is such that you might want to consider changing the entrie cluster for one from an upscale GM vehicle for a custom look and a trany gauge to boot. Although swapping out cluster does invite the age old "mileage transfer vs. door jamb sticker" debate.
DO waht JAckalanche says and just buy new cluster.........
Spunds like a plan, now can any of you tell me how to exchange the cluster. Could you post instructions, I see that JP and TByrne include them but I want to get a head start if possible.

I guess I need to think who'll transfer my mileage ah...

now suggestions on oil coolers, going to towing forum...

Coming to an ebay page near you, cluster for sale.
no need to get a head start - once you have the new cluster in hand (I went for the Denali cluster myself) you will be moments away from completion - if from JPCustoms it will come with detailed step by step instructions, but let me summarize them:

1. grab beer
2. open the box that Mr. UPS man left for you
3. sit in driver's seat
4. shift into L2 or whatever
5. lower steering wheel to lowest setting
6. grasp dash trim bezel and yank it off
7. unscrew the retaining screws that hold in the old cluster (like 2 if I recall)
8. Have another sip from your beer, finish line in sight!
9. unplug old cluster (eletronic plug)
10. reverse process with new cluster
11. pat yourself on the back every time you hop in your Av and notice your fine handiwork
Cool, I'll get a head start with the beer!!

Yank the trim bezel off (sounds a bit ouch to me!)

I looked at JP's site and like the SS and the Denali both. Thanks guys
Thought ss is not available for 2002 trucks...........
the boy has an '03 Jamie . . . . . or did you mean that I could not have used it for my '02 anyway?