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AV And 40car Pile Up..... *pics*



Well my father was driving the Av home from NJ when there was the really bad snow storm. There was a 40 car pile up and the AV plowed tru msot of the cars/trucks. It snapped the forn of an f-350 dullie diesal :) a probe and a few other cars died because of thise beast.... and guess what it was the only truck to leave the acciedent on its own 4 wheels :) it barly has anydamage was hit on all sides by more then 10 cars/trucks and is the only one not totaled :)....here are the photos





Man talk about a mess...I recognize that part of the Turnpike....although I don't recall hearing about the accident...which means nothing because sometimes It seems like I live in a bubble... :B:

WOW :eek:
That's pretty amazing!
I hope your father was OK.
It may just be the pics, but it looks like there's hardly any tread on your tires (not that it matters), how many miles does the AV have?
Hope your father is ok. Judging by the pictures I'd say that he is. Doesn't look too bad considering the looks of the other cars...

I thought you said it was a bad snow storm? But the road and all the cars look clear. Where's the snow? ;)

Around here, it's not a bad snow storm until there's a foot of snow in the streets, or you can't see the end of your own hood! >:D :rolleyes:

Seriously, though, all kidding aside, I'm sorry to hear about your father and the truck. It must have been quite an experience and ordeal, one that I'm sure he doesn't want to ever repeat.

I hope that nobody was seriously injured, in any of the vehicles, and I hope that your truck gets back to health quickly.

-- SS
It was the bad storm jsut it was rain/ice before the snow hit :). Yes my father was fine the truck is really built like a rock. Ohh and those tires are brand new they have about 70-100 miles on them so I hope they have tread. Also that day there were two 30 car pile ups the 40 and a 56 so the roads were really bad.
Wow that had to have been like bumper cars. I am glad your Dad is ok.

Here are the same images (just a littel brighter to ease viewing)

Glad to hear your father is OK after the accident. Viva the cladding on the Avalanche! >:D
Thanks for lightening them up, PDX! Before, I couldn't even see the Av in the last few pictures.

Look where the truck is sitting in relation to the Probe:
Can you imagine being in the passenger seat of that car and seeing the Av's headlight coming towards you?

-- SS
He actually nailed the probe in the rear first... (a probe getting probed..go figure) it then spun and he wacked it on the side... I feel bad for that car.
ohhhh so that's how it started.. lol.. yeah that storm was fun.. started out as freezin rain.. turned every road around her to sheets of ice.. then it went to light snow..

i was actually driving right around that area (i work down the road a bit and HAD to go in) and know just how bad it was.. glad to hear ur dad made it out ok... if i remember correctly, there were no serious injuries at all in that one..
Whoa...I wonder if anyone's gonna make it into a video game. i love plowing thorugh vehicles...:rolleyes: not in real life of course.

Glad no-one's hurt.

By the way, how long did it take to sort it all out as to who crashed who? How much is your dad gonna have to pay for damages, as everyone else was totaled? (gee I like the sound of that) >:D

Also, how fast was he going as he hit? ???
Glad everyone was ok. Ouch that hurts to see any Av get damaged. Goo thing your dad had an AV. You get the warm fealing you are better protected than thoes little cars.
that Probe seems to have gotten the worst of all the car's in the pic's. makes sense; being between two trucks and all. :B:
btw, this is the second accident pic i have seem an AV involed in. it seems that it does okay in an accident; thank goodness for us as passengers. :B:
You know we only ever see this sort of thing on the news and it's always in Europe or North America. We just don't get those conditions down here, heck a bad rain storm can get our drivers playing dodgems never mind driving snow.

Sorry to hear about the damage and I hope dealing the the insurance goes smoothly.
I am new the the site so I am just now reading this posting, I am pleased to hear that everyone was ok.
I just purchased my AV three weeks before Christmas I have 1500 miles on it and my wife wrapped a Honda Accord around the front bumper of the truck and I mean literally "wrapped" the accord around the bumper. Tha AV fared extremly well though, here are some pics of the AV I wish she had gotten some of the Accord


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