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AV Background For Yahoo & MSN Messenger


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Jun 25, 2002
I don't use Yahoo Messenger, but I see a lot of you do.

I found this theme,

You can get it here after you click download you will get instruction on how to apply it.


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This is cool, I use Yahoo Messenger

I just downloaded too bad we can't choose the color of our own AV's :rolleyes:

Miss Avalanche :B:
ok her's a question, how do you get it to work for YIM?
Sorry Sicilianos I just figured out what YIM meant, can't help you, but for those of us with MSN Messenger here's what you do.

Open MSN Messenger, click Help,About, and see what version you have 4 or 5.

Then go to the MSNSkins site and download the SKIN BACK file (upper right of the site) Save it somewhere on you computer. Close Messenger and double click the file to launch.

Then download the skin ,chose the right one for the version of Messenger you have, again save it to somewhere on your computer, close Messenger, double click it and your done.
It's ok. I had figured it out as soon as I posted it. :2: LOL

I feel like dancing now!!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Thanks Phantom!

BTW, are you using version 4 or 5? I use 5, and I just can't make the tabs disappear! RIght now I can't see the front part too well. :cautious:
I use 4.7 but you can try two things,
Click, Tools, expand Show Tabs and uncheck them all.

Or just try to resize the window, hover you mouse along the right side of the window till you get a double headed arrow and drag the window to the right to make it larger.

Let me know if it works.

Thanks a lot for the tip...I use Yahoo pretty regularly and would like to dress it up a little with some Av's....now I have to figure out how to get something like that for AIM.... (y)

Thanks Phatom! (y) Keep 'em coming!

As a suggestion I think that making them lighter would nwork better. Right now it is hard to see the names at times because of the skin's dark colour. I can't make a good enough one. :cautious: