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Av Deals:$500 Dealer+$1000 Old Stock!


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Mar 30, 2002
Just took delivery: Red Z66 Full Graf. Leather,Sunroof ,Conv.Pack. $35,326 List>$25,936 Yea! Thanks To whoever posted the Old Stock discount. I work for ?GM and never heard of it before.Units Inv. before 12-19 get $1000+500 dealer.My GMS price was $29,936-4004 in discounts.On the down side mine was born 8-01,And the dealer is last one I would ?deal with.I drove it home overnight and sat in the back w/seat down and watched it rain.Nice dry midgate,wheelwells, allright. ? Beautiful day today,opened sunroof,rear window,drove to the lake for a ?picnic.My wife loves it. Life is Good....
PS, I'm getting a vanity license plate. any ideas? TONKA Maybe?
Thanks again ? ? ?