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Av Joining With Home Depot?



After yesterday's trip to Home Depot, I believe Chevy and Home Depot should go in together for advertising purposes. :0:

My wife and I are repainting the house this summer and replacing some worn-looking lattice work in back. Our trip to Home Depot lasted far longer than we anticipated (I'm like a kid in a candy store in there) and the bottom fell out while we were in there.

No problem, I drive an Avalanche! :cool: I just pulled under the awning out front, dropped the midgate, and proceeded to put everything we purchased in the Av and protected from the elements. 4x8 lattice work, no problem. We even needed two 12' 2x4's. Again, no problem. We used a drop cloth (neatly rolled in it's bag) to pad the dash and ran the two boards from the tailgate to the (padded!) dash. After all of the painting and carpentry supplies were loaded, we still had room to run to Sam's for industrial sized paper towel and toilet paper packages, groceries, etc. (but that's another commercial).

Based on the looks we got while loading, I think Home Depot and the Avalanche make a natural combination for a good commercial. Any thoughts?

Ryan, I completely agree with you. I also went to Home Depot this weekend. I picked up 2-2x8x8, 2 4' step stringers and 2 pallets of 12"x4" retaining wall brick. Granted, I couldn't haul both pallets, or even one full one at a time, but the folks were amazed at the half-pallet sitting in the Av, covers on, tailgate up! 3 more quick trips later, and we had our 192 retaining wall bricks stacked neatly in the yard for a little landscaping work!

Update! added pictures of the loaded beast:
Loaded Down
The Pile
Free At Last

Ahh, landscaping, my other weakness. I have direct deposit at work. Do you think Home Depot would allow me to send a portion of my check there? It would save the middle man!

I work at menards (dont know if you guys know what that is but in the midwest it is like home depot. It is kinda bigger we have a home depot across the street from us and are constantly busier).

I see AVs all the time and they are a head turner. Everyone checks them out. Alot of people are working them and they arent all for looks.

Also gotta throw in alot of my paychecks go right back into where i work (materials, wood, mulch, rock, tools, etc)

Its also nice to have a nice 10% discount at a home improvement store ;D
Needed more landscaping stuff and had a few more observers today. 3 half wood casks/barrels to be used for potted plants in our cleaned up landscaping area. Was a productive trip as I also tagged a Sunset Orange Z71.

(y) ;DJamie, this is to funny. My wife loaded my derriere up for the weekend. same thing. 1200 pounds of those landscaping stones except in the white and then back for 1200 pounds of top soil, threw in some mulch for more weight. had people standing around looking at us loading it up. :cool: Of course noone offered to help ;D
One guy was mad though as he wife walked up and wanted to look inside and said this is what i want honey. I don't want another tahoe, so i had to give them information about the site and info how it rode and all that hog wash. I know the dollar signs were rolling in his brain, but like i told him he could get one of these cheaper than a tahoe and keep the peace
I just switched over from a yukon and i think that helped her out........ ;D
A trip down to the house always = A trip to home depot...in which this adventure we happened to pick up the following.....4 sheets of plywood, 6 2x3, and some outlet covers....not to bad this time around.... :B:
We are in the process of making a double-decker bus bunk-bed for our daughter.
We were at Lowe's this past weekend loading (7x) planks of MDF which measure 49" x 97" each, plus a few 12' long 1x4 s.
A few of the loading guys were surprised to see that the bed was able to handle the extra inch of width to the MDF pieces, as compared to the regualr 4'x8' size of plywood.
One of them asked if this was the truck with the midgate. I said it was and also told him that the rear window was able to be left in or removed, regardless of the midgate operation.
I proceded to remove the window and slid the 1x4s all the way up to the dash.
I must say, I was very happy at how the Av handled the extra weight, it drove like a champ.

Happy hauling. :cool:

We're doing a kitchen remodel - Ahhh the possibilities! The Av's been great - everything from framing lumber to cabinetry to floor covering. Lot's of interest in the Av on many of the runs - it's always fun to see how much you can get in and close it up completely! Fun vehicle for home improvement work!
That's a great idea and would be an excellent collaboration! Sounds like a natural.
How great would it be if the local Home Depot bought a couple..painted them white with the orange lettering and rented them out like the other trucks they have....that would be nice... :B:
I wish you had pictures. I work at Home Depot and that would be a great topic to put in our company paper. I'm going to be purchasing a 2003 when they arrive. I heard they are getting rid of the cladding.