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AV - The Official Vehicle Of Timberline Lodge


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Apr 17, 2002
Elk Snout, Oregon, USA
We spotted the "Official Vehicle of Timberline Lodge" on the Dec 22 run up Mount Hood. (Photos to be posted as soon as I can upload them).

At first we couldn't tell if it was a white AV or a black one. There was a huge sticker that coveres the rear 2/3s of the AV! Avalanche and NF-girl decyphered that it was indeed a black Z-71.


Check out the link they had plastered on 1/2 of the tailgate: SkiChevy.com

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:B: :B:
"Red Avs go faster. "

I wish they got paid for faster as well............ :rolleyes:

SteveTimm said:
Red Avs go faster. ?;D
It is commonly known in the automotive paint industry that certain colours are more areodynamic than others and that this closley follows the light spectre. Lack of colour = high resistance and deep colour = low resistance. ?So a white car has more wind resistance on the surface paint than darker colours such as red and black.

But it is a scientific fact that black cars go the fastest out of all the colours.... followed closely by red. ?;)
not to mention that nothing even comes close to looking as good in black than ANY other color. >:D
Well let me give you some info on the AV (What I think)
2003 Avalanche 1500 4WD $35,295.00
Onyx Black
Dark Charcoal Trim

Z71 Off-Road Package $878
Driver Info Package $657
Personal Security Package $875
Luggage Rack $195
Assist Steps, Dark Charcoal $395
Headed Leather Memory Seats $2375
Power Sunroof $1095
Trailering Package $190
it also had some asome decals
MSRP EST. $41,955.00

That is all that I spoted of corse if it did have XM Radio the little intena would have been covered in snow and they did not have the window sticker in eather this vehicle was bought from Carr Chevrolet (it should have been Wilsonvill Chevrolet thought)(sorry for spelling)
It's easy to see why you couldn't tell whether it was black or white.

Now had it been Red, you would not have had that problem!!!! :love:
Fella's...come on....Summit white would be the color of choice.....what would be the dead give away...snow?....summit?.....let's face it....a summit white Av Rules the slopes\\\\.... ;)
Yes I do love summit white I like how it looks in the snow but with those cool decals on the side I think a darker color would look better it would make the decals stand out better