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Avalanche Airbag Rant



Why do 4-door trucks, particularly the Avalanche, not have a passenger-side airbag cutoff switch? And don't give me the old "because it has four doors and a rear seat" bit.

The way it stands now, we can carry more children in an extended-cab configuration (like the Tundra) than in a Supercrew or Avalanche. This is because we can turn off the airbag in about any extended-cab truck. And most of these have four doors and a rear seat.

The problem with extended-cabs is that they don't have room for infant seats in the back. Crewcabs do but have no airbag cutoff so you can't use the front seat for kids!

Then there is the Avalanche with a part-time rear seat. So I can have an 8-foot bed but not with any children in the truck? I can carry big things and children in an extended or even a standard cab but with the Avalanche, a crew cab truck with an 8-foot bed, I would have to leave my boy at home?

Is Chevy completely thoughtless on this matter or is the government confused about crewcab pickups and not allowing the factory installation of cutoffs in crew cabs?
I am also unsure who to be mad at, Chevy or the Government. I bought the AV to haul things, some of which are long. With two young children, I would like to have a cutoff switch for the pass. air bag. I have done some looking and have seen AV's with the switch, but I haven't found instructions.
I heard that the 2003 might have the cutoff switch in it. If so Maybe it can be a dealer installed option for the 2002 models using the 2003 switch.

Just a thought....

dhknoebel said:
...I have done some looking and have seen AV's with the switch, but I haven't found instructions.

You mean w/switch from the factory? Where'd you see that? Or do you mean instructions for adding after purchase?

Some here have added a switch, but it sounds complicated. Worth it? :cautious: Some think so, some don't.
My solution - yet to be implemented - to add a switch directly in line with the passenger air bag actuator. ?That way, it can be turned off, and the air bag light on the dash will come on to remind you of that fact. ?This way it's likely to get turned back on after the need for kids in the front seat has passed.

For more info on this topic . . . use the SEARCH function! You're not the only one with this rant.
Gather round brother and sisters as I read to you from the book of Avalanche, Chapter 1, Verse 44...

Lo when you carry the fruit of thy loins in me and thy fruit is under twenty pounds and must siteth so as to watch the universe unfold from the rear, do not placeth thy fruit carrier in the front seat. Because when you place the fruit carrier in thy front seat and thy fruit carrier is backwards because thy fruit of thy loins is so small, they are to close to my mighty shield and will not surivive my fury if it is sent out forward.

But if the fruit of thy loins is over twenty pounds and sits faceth forward or if you use a booster to holdeth thy fruit in my seat, then make sure they are as far back as thy seat will go when sitething up front so they are away from my mighty shield - so that it may protect them in the event that another holy body shall inflict it's wrath upon me.

But of these rules I give unto you the most important one is when you are carrying the fruit of your loins within me they are safest always in the back.

So sayeth the Bible...


A child in a rear-facing child restraint can be seriously injured or killed if the right front passenger's air bag inflates. This is because the back of the rear-facing seat child restraint would be very close to the inflated air bag. Always secure a rear-facing child restraint in a rear seat.

You may secure a forward-facing child restraint in the right front seat, but before you do, always move the front passenger seat as far back as it will go. It's better to secure the child restraint in the rear seat.
suprised Chief did not direct you all to the "search" button, as we have exchanged views like Chief's (and mine, which might be different) as well as NHTSA processes and home mods using the Silverado airbag cutoff switch, which I have done. In so many words, a thread on this topic exists. ?I also have a NHTSA approval to install airbag cut-off switch in my glove box, but post follow-up Qs on the old existing thread ?;)

and since I am not trying to be a hard-ass, here is the link to that thread [url]http://www.chevyavalanchefanclub.com/cgi/forum/YaBB.pl?board=discussion;action=display;num=1019835065;start=0[/url]

which actually links to the true topic threads (you see how we all seem to suffer from an inability to use the search function effectively)
Uummmm . . . . . Is that from the old Testament or new? Was that a translation from Aramaic or the literal Greek?
jackalanche said:
...and since I am not trying to be a hard-ass, here is the link to that thread...

I was going to make everyone look it up...guess I'm the hard-ass! ?;D

Thanks for the link.