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Avalanche Clones Are Here!


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Feb 2, 2002
Subaru has announced the 2003 "Baja".Built on the Outback chassis,it has a fold-down midgate to allow a 7.5 ft bed WITH the standard bed extender.$26,000 with a 4 cyl engine!!!I'm sure prospective Avy buyers will rush out and buy these ; ;)
Well I'm not too shocked here. GM and Subaru are getting very heavily linked up. I know GM was showing a hybrid sport ute/sports car at the Detroit Auto Show that many thought would appear as a 2004 model in 2003. The vehicle was built on the Subaru Outback chassis and many said it would go to production that way. Although the Outback sells extremely well Fuji Heavy Industries Subaru Division is struggling globally. A GM acquisition of them either in full, or as Ford did with Mazda would be great for GM.

Not only would they get the great AWD system technology in the deal, they would get the near bullet proof Subaru boxer four out of the deal. That would be awesome for the General who has always struggled with four-cylinder power.

I think Subaru is going to have a hard time at $27,000 on the Baja unless it is marketed far, far, away from the Avalanche. The kiss of death may come from the reviews that compare it. A really good negotiator can get a 2WD Avalanche within spitting distance of $27K - and the Avalanche is vastly more truck than a four cylinder Subaru built on a car chassis.

Now if Subaru puts "brat" style rear jump seats in it - Chevrolet take notice!!!
I don't know if this qualifies as clone, since it is coming from the same company, but I have seen an avalanche type vehicle, in wraps, but based on the blazer chassis.
I wonder if people will RICE them??? ;D
ygmn said:
I wonder if people will RICE them??? ;D

Probably. They'll put on Euro tail lights. Then they'll go the Borla route and make it sound like baseball cards on bicycle spokes. Heh heh!
A good friend of mine at GM told me take they are planning a mini av on the trailblazer or envoy product line.
Not only are they planning one, but they already have a test vehicle hitting the streets. I saw one in Marion, Ohio. I have no idea if they were buzzin the Honda factory, using the test track there or what, but it was a blazer with a truck bed... no doubt about it.

I only wish I had my camera with me... coul have taken picts.
Currently dreaming of owning an Av within the next year. If you look in the current issue of Motortrend, there is a picture of the Envoy version of the Av called the Equinox.
Hey, Check out the new issue of "Car Audio" magazine. There's a custom Jeep Grand Cherokee that looks like a production model Suv/sut. I think it may even have a midgate. Kinda cool lookin' but it's no Avalanche. :cool:

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