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Avalanche Crash Test W/1 Pic

The Driver gets 3 stars and passenger a four star rating. Anybody know why the difference?

Was this test conducted with the optional side impact airbags installed? Anybody think the rating would be higher for the driver side if the optional bags are available for the frontal test? Would the side impact bags deploy in this type of crash?
I'd think the driver would be less becuase of impact with the steering wheel. There is a lot more distance for someone to more forward in the passenger seat. This is why I would guess the driver would get a lesser score.
I think the AV did quite well, by the looks of the picture.
Think about it.. almost 5800 lbs and the roof line and front doors appear to be minimal or no damage from a frontal impact. I take it that there was no intrusion into the main cabin area. The front end collapsed and took all the energy from a 5800lbs load...
As for 3 star for driver and 4 star for passenger, I could only think that the drivers feet would have suffered more injury. Steering wheel mechanism, brake pedal, gas pedal, emergency brake pedal etc.. But at least you would survive.... I would like to see a picture of a collision between the AV and a mid size car.....( lab test only, I don't wish to see an actual impact )
The AV was an '02... Side airbags were standard on the '02's. :B:

In pics posted of actual impacts the AV demolishes the vehicle it hits with minimum damage to the AV.
I think the few of us that have been in a wreck in our AV's can attest to minimal damage to them and maximum damage to the opponents. I totalled out a 1991 Olds cutlass with my trailer hitch and a jet ski trailer when I ran over it. I am sure wonder91178 can attest to this also.
The top of the web page has "w/SAB" which I would think would mean "with Side Air Bags". It also indicates in the "safety features" that side air bags are standard.
Interesting stats. Almost of ton of force on the femur :eek:

Thanks for the link Lance.