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Avalanche Demo


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Feb 14, 2002
Leduc, Alberta, Canada
I have lost track of the number of times I have been stopped in parking lots and in front of stores, people asking me for information on the Avalanche or just how I like it, in general. While I do not like to consider myself a salesperson, it is difficult not to begin 'giving them the treatment,' much like the salesperson did when he sold me my Avalanche.

I am curious what others explain or pay attention to when giving other people demos of their Avalanches? There are so many things that set it apart from most vehicles that it is difficult to cover them all in five minutes. Apart from the usual conversion of the box, I usually show people the box lining, which they assume is aftermarket if I don't tell them otherwise. (I also show that the bottom 'sheet' is rubber, so things do not slide around. Another thing I show them is how to remove the covers. I am amazed how many people think the covers are permanent and not removable. People also seem thrilled with the steps and handholds on the back.

More than anything, I am curious what others demonstrate. There are a lot of features in this vehicle, and it would be nice to show the best of them to others, when asked.


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Feb 24, 2002
Columbus Ohio
sounds very similar to what usually happens with me.

the most common response from people is "oh"


I usualy get approached while detailing the truck in my driveway. I let the AV do the talking so to speak... I open the rear doors and let them look inside then I open the tailgate and let them look inside and finish with the midgate and finish with the rear storage compartments.

But I will give word to the wise... make sure you ask the people asking about the AV if their spouse knows they are looking at one... I don't want to be the cause of any broken marriages I tell them since I know once you see it you will want to buy it! ;D

So I hand them one of the CAFCA brochures and the my dealer's sales man card and send them on their merry way. :cool: