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Avalanche "funeral Procession"


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Aug 30, 2002
Omaha, NE
This is a story from our Des Moines cruise this past weekend. I was wondering if this has ever happened to any other groups of Av's out cruising.

We were just leaving Winterset, IA on our way to Pammel State Park. I was third Av back in the line of 9 of us. Approaching an intersection, I noticed an approaching SportTrac pulling off to the side of the road. Now, naturally being a good Av fan, my first reaction was, "hey, this SportTrac is showing the respect an AVALANCHE convoy deserves"! >:D Arrogant, perhaps, but that's the first thought that came to mind.

Then, I realized, two other cars behind the SportTrac have also pulled over to the shoulder. ??? It was then it hit me what was happening: the other drivers, seeing the oncoming uniform DRL's, thought that we were a funeral procession and were simply honoring an age-old rural custom of pulling over for a passing funeral procession! :eek:

What a hoot! I had never given thought before about that happening during a cruise! I wonder if those other drivers were thinking, "Where's the hearse?" or perhaps, "Hmmm, wonder why everybody in that family drives the same car?" :2:.

I would have not thought much more about this except that it happened a second time later in the cruise!

Any other Av cruises experience this "phenomenon"?
Brings up an Interesting question though. Would a Coffin fit under the bed covers of an avalanche. Now I need to know to satisy my curiosity.
BTW, I certainly am not forgetting the one true Av funeral procession for GOO929 ?:cry: . ?The photos from that particular event are certainly touching and inspiring for any Av owner.

(A big "duh" for me, as this forum is named "Pete's Place")
LOL, ok NOW I think just about every question that could be asked of the Avalanche, has been! A coffin?! Who would need one? When it is my time just place me in the bed (may have to put the mid-gate down), put up the tailgate, the bedcovers in place, and bury the whole "she-bang". (turn the lights in the bed on just in case I come back and need to see to get to the 4 wheel drive in order to un-bury myself!)
I've noticed the same thing on a few of the cruises I've been on.

If you're in Houston, you're just another number. When in the rural areas, many will pull over out of respect.
Ghostwheel said:
Brings up an Interesting question though. Would a Coffin fit under the bed covers of an avalanche. Now I need to know to satisy my curiosity.

I Noticed this question is raised by a AVer named GHOSTwheel.
I wonder what they think if the whole 'procession' pulls into a Hooter's parking lot?

If you are out on a cruise and several people pull over out of respect, then a LEO coming down a cross street see the stopped vehicles and then the AV cruise ~ would the cruise get sited for.... I don't know.... disdurbing the peace... ?
Just curious as to wehther one would fit. On a sad Note this accident I posted below evidently involved an Avalanche truck. ?:cry:

2 who died in accident on Loop 101 identified

PHOENIX - The Department of Public Safety identified two people killed in an accident Saturday evening on the Loop 101 near Glendale Avenue. An SUV northbound on the Loop 101 rolled over the cable barriers into the southbound lanes, landed on a white Honda, then hit a second car at about 8:35 p.m., a DPS spokesman said. The SUV driver was Erich Zobler, 50, of Peoria. The Honda driver was Sarah Sharpe, 21, of Avondale.