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Avalanche Looks Bigger Than Cadillac Cousin


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
I had a chance to park along side a Cadillac EXT and snap a couple of shots. When I went to check them out on my computer I noticed the back tires were lined up well - but the Avalanche appears much larger. I drew some lines and it is larger. It has more ground clearance and a higher roof line.

Well - see for yourself...

How about that, fraternizing with the uptown kin. :D

I suspect that the AWD and the fact that you have the Z71 contributes to the bulk of the difference? I also suspect that the EXT is shocked and sprung to be a little plusher ride.
Great shot!
The Av looks a lot beefier than the Ext in your picture. I actually parked next to an Expedition last week and was surprized to see that my Z71 was a few inches higher and almost a foot longer.
I do have to agree with Gandolphxx though, the Z71 package does raise the Av up some. I don't know if the Ext comes in an bigger off-road package, I didn't even bother looking into is since it was way out of my price range.
Doesn't the EXT have air shocks? Was it running? If it is like a lot of luxury cars the air shocks air down when parked for easier entry - exit.
Actually, the EXT also has P265/70R Goodyear tires and rides on an automatic load leveling suspension like our Z66 counterparts. It has a height of 75.6," length of 221.4", and a width of 79.5" according to the brochure which probably supplies the info used in many of the articles about he EXT. However, the Z71 Av lists a height of only 73.6," a length of 221.7," and a width of 79.8." The EXT probably lists a height that is 2" taller than the AV because the Roof Rack is standard equipment on the EXT but not the AV. The cladding around the AV would seem to be the explanation of the AV's greater width and length. Another interesting fact is the EXT boasts a ground clearance of 10.7" versus the Z71 AV's 8.8." This must be due exclusively to the 4wd vs AWD systems and their respective transfer cases. All you 2500 AV owners are saddled by an even lower 7.0" ground clearance due to the 16" wheels and the larger fuel tank or different rear suspension (leaf springs vs five-link coil spring) you have under your rig. Some things just don't make sense. But, a picture speaks a thousand words and .......... well lets just say the Chief may have disproven some of our uptown cousin's claims.
Not sure where you are getting the numbers - AIC lists the following ground clearance 2500 4x4 8.6 vs EXT 10.6 - maybe I am reading them wrong ???
Gandolphxx, I certainly didn't mean to mislead anyone. I got the figures from the July issue of "SportTruck" magazine. This issue compared the Cadillac EXT to the Chevrolet Avalanche. The length, width, and height were easily verified with the websites and brochures I have. Also, I recall a few articles which list the Ground Clearance of the AV as a range of 7.0" to 8.8" but not specific to the 1500 or 2500. The March issue of "Car and Driver" had an article on the Cadillac EXT and listed the Ground Clearance of the EXT as 10.7" also. I therefore assumed the figures listed in the "Sport Truck" article were correct. I tried to verify on the AV website but the Ground Clearances listed were only for the 1500. However, we all know writers of magazine articles can and do get their figures mixed up from time to time. Will be sure to double check all figures or list sources on next post as I do not want to distribute any incorrect information.
the diff between the ground clearence for a 1500 Z71 and the non-Z71 (or non-Z66) is pretty much due to the bigger OD on the weel/tire combo, I do not think the Z71/Z66 is sprung higher than a standard 4x4 1500 (that's what I had, a non Z71 4x4, to which I subsequently added the Z71 rims and bigger tires.) As for the 2500, this mght also explain the diff (the 2500 has the "little" 16s) but the 2500 also has a different frame config so I cannot say. I trust the Chevy.com site specs though, whatever they are (haven't checked).