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Avalanche Pride


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Jan 18, 2002
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The awesome input of Av owners on this website just absolutely blows me away. I follow a lot of auto related websites, I am NASCAR editor on my own auto racing website, and I am generally a car nut.

But I have never seen so much positive feedback and pride in any single vehicle before. It is just incredible! It is so amazing that I had to go out and buy an Av just so I didn't miss out on the experience. And the Av hasn't disappointed in the least. Sure there are a few minor problems here and there with some people's Avs, but overall it is such an amazingly versatile vehicle that it elicits pride in ownership.

Long life the Av and thanks to everyone here that helped me put one in my driveway! :D
Well said! I think that the people on this board are very helpful, and have made me very aware of potential issues, and have made me more willing to try some different mods.

Thanks everyone! I printed some of the brochures to pass out, and now have to reprint becuase I ran out! ;D
This site is very helpful and the people really do care about their trucks and helping people something that sometimes gets forgottin in these day and age, Lets keep up all the good work
its so great to be in a community of fellow avy owners. almost brings a tears to my eyes knowing how helpful all of you guys are :cry:. as stated above, well said midlifecrisis. Alex
Not only am I impressed with the advice and pride shown here, but also of the class of owners I see here. I belong to a couple of 3rd gen lists and the difference in attitude is mind-boggling. I am looking forward to the group activities! :cool:
What can I say, you guys are the greatest!! :cry: ;D
I have to admit that with just a hair under 400 registered users I'm shocked that we really don't have a single registered knucklehead - if you know what I mean. Overall a very high calibre group of people here!
I think what surprises me the most, is the lack of attacks on other vehicles. The other vehicle forums that I belong to, every time a new vehicle comes out, that might be a threat to their car, they attack it full force.

I think it is cool that the AV has so much to offer, that the people who love it aren't threatened by any other vehicles.
Although I just registered, I've read hundreds of threads and am thrilled to have found such a forum. As silly as it sounds, a major concern of mine leaving the Grand Cherokee was leaving a good website that had tons of great info on the old ZJ.

It's great to have found such a wonderful source for my new baby.
Even though I don't currently own an avalanche, I have been doing a lot of research and will hopefully own one by this fall. I have found this to be a great site to hear other people talk about what they like and don't like about the vehicle, without bashing others or other vehicles. I find that the responses to questions are quite productive and I do hold them in good regard.
I agree with what others have posted, many other boards end up with a lot of bashing and disrespect amongst the posters, with many questions never really being answered. I hope this board can maintain the integrity it currently has and can continue to develop itself as well as it has so far. Hats off to all those involved in making this site what is has become so far. Hopefully I will be able to contribute to this board more in the future. Congratulations on this successful, informative site. ;)
There is no doubt about it-- This site is one of the best vehicle oriented sites out there... hands down. I say this being an avid car nut who has been and still is an active member in a very large number of car clubs world wide. I have seen some great sites but not many that can come close to the resources offered here.

That said, I feel very fortunate to have found this site (though the AV really belongs to my wife) ;) and the people who have made themselves at home here. It makes a big difference when you can count on a primary source for information without a party line or hidden interests and agendas and have a forum that is conducive to an open dialogue (I have not seen anyone flame anyone here for example). There is NOTHING ordinary about this community and I am proud to be a part of it. Thanks!


spork_av said:
I think what surprises me the most, is the lack of attacks on other vehicles. ?The other vehicle forums that I belong to, every time a new vehicle comes out, that might be a threat to their car, they attack it full force. ?

I think it is cool that the AV has so much to offer, that the people who love it aren't threatened by any other vehicles.

We're not threatened by the competition. Anything comes out that is "better" than the Av we'll just put it in 4-Lo and run it over...

;D ;D ;D
spork_av said:
I think what surprises me the most, is the lack of attacks on other vehicles. ?The other vehicle forums that I belong to, every time a new vehicle comes out, that might be a threat to their car, they attack it full force. ?

I think it is cool that the AV has so much to offer, that the people who love it aren't threatened by any other vehicles.

I couldn't agree more. I am so tired of digging through childish slander and 9th grade insults just to find some info/tips for my other car. :p
I second, third, etc. what others have said on this thread. I was really wavering about which new vehicle to purchase. I was leaning toward a BMW 330xi, because it have All Wheel Drive and a navigations system, not to mention the cachet of BMW. Even the new Saturn VUE caught my eye. I drove one and thought it drove like a car. It had a V6 and All Wheel Drive (just like our Dodge minivan), so not buttons to push to switch from 2wd to 4, making it easy on my wife who doesn't have a mechanical bone in her body. Even after test driving the AV I was wavering.

Then I accidentally stumbled onto this message board. :) So I registered and started asking questions and always got an answer--from a grownup, too.

I'm buying an AV. :)
As a newby, I have been impressed with the open and mature (mature? me? naaaaaaaa. Just ask my wife...) dialog on this site. I'm shopping for the perfect Av for me, but I am a little nervous...my first new car purchase was a '79 Monte Carlo. By the time I got it home, smoke was billowing out from under the hood. Took 3 visits to fix (missing seal on tranny dipstick). My only other new purchase American car was a Jeep Grand Cherokee ('93) which literally was falling apart...rearview mirror fell off the windshield as I was driving, trim pieces detaching, etc. Then after around 10k miles the tranny fluid started to get sudsy (water leak from the cooler radiator) I traded it in. My other new cars were Honda Preludes which were absolutely superb vehicles as far as maintenance concerns. My current one has 112000 mi and runs like new. I'm only mentioning this, because the Av is a vehicle that is making me give US automakers another chance. What a great vehicle! My wife and I drove from Southern Cal to Maine last year, our Prelude was stuffed! Couldn't find anything without unloading the whole vehicle! We brought our camping gear...what a hassle digging through a completely packed back seat/trunk to get set up! The Av is the prefect vehicle for us...great highway handling, can carry 4x8 lumber, all our stuff for x-country trips, and we plan on sleeping in the back...! No need to set up a tent. Cruise into a campground after dark, climb in back and you'r camping! Rubber smell? What rubber smell ;D
Well, as I nervously approach the purchasing phase, I am encouraged by the generous support that I see in this forum. I'm sure, what ever the problems (if any!) I will find the encouragment and expertise here to get the car squared away.
There is no substitute for that!
Thanks all :)

P.S. That Monte is still mine...almost 200000 miles. Maybe I'll have my Av in 2025!
Welcome to the forum. I have had my AV for roughly a week now. I have never enjoyed a new vehicle so much as this one.

I really hope this site stays away from flame wars, and everyone respects each other's opinions. I have on occasion on other boards posted an opinion on something, and been blasted for it. So far, everyone on here has been respectful, and has allowed others to say what they need to say on something, without getting personal about it.

Although the subject of other cars and manufacturers come up from time to time, it is usually a fact based FYI, instead of a flame attack against them. Just because we all love the AV, doesn't mean it is the only vehicle we own. Everyone should keep that in mind before posting derogatory statements about another car/manufacturer. With that in mind, this forum should do well for itself.
Completely right...I certainly do not want to start off on the wrong foot here, :-X I was just trying to introduce myself through my car buying experience....
My wife asked me to go to the library for her today, so naturally I made a slight detour to the Chevy lot to check out a Red Av there. Nice color, I have to say it's fun just LOOKING at this Av. Sure will be great to have one in my garage ;D
We'll be going serious shopping this week...
Just re-read my last post, in conjunction with the post above it. Sorry RV8Pilot, didn't mean for it to sound like I was commenting on your previous car problems. it was actually in agreement with some other posts further up. I should have seperated the posts

Anyway, sorry about that.

Hey, no problem! Sorry I misunderstood your post.
I'm looking forward to a super expreience with this purchase as well as the great support and encouragment on this list :)
I'm trying to wade through the massive amount of information available here, both to try to learn as well as put any of my postings in the appropriate area. I must say, this list is like having a direct line to a Chevy maintenance guru/parts supplier/and story teller all wrapped up in one (free ;D) place!
Cudos to all the folks who work hard to make this list work, I hope over time I can add something useful myself.
Best to all...
I didn't find out about this site until after I bought Big Blue but being a part of this site means a lot. I read the discusions twice daily and I really have learned a lot.

I like having the knowledge prior to any service experience so I won't get any runaround from the dealer.

You guys are great. Hope a cruise comes up soon down here in the Texas Hill Country. The bluebonnets are blooming and it's a great time to be out.