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Avalanche Running Boards MODS

it's been done, search around here, as I recall it was pretty involved as the end pieces do not match up with the Av's contours. Modding of the mod is required.
Mod a Mod??

Hmmmm now that's got me thinking, a whole new level of modding
well honey you have a few choices, one of them being the little "search" function thingy up there next to the "help" button. Might want to try it out, I promise you you will find a post or two that answers your questions (y)

[hint - the posts you are looking for are from a member named wahoolou]
if you do a search you will find it. i conversed a little with a guy who dod the mod. the locations for the mounting hardware is the same. however, because we have the different cladding he explained how he had to cut "notches" in the Escalade running boards to get them to fit flush. it looked very good too.

There are very easy to install there are 7 brackets on each side, and the running board bolt on the front fenders. If you look under a suburban and you see the brackets is the same set up.