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Avalanche Sets The Standard Again!


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Jan 13, 2003
Wow! In Wichita Kansas we got 10-plus inches of snow with blizard conditions. Cars and trucks of the road everywhere - BUT NOT MY AV!

Used my Z71 to pull-out a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Ford F250 today, both 4X4s.

I sure do love this UUV!
To bad you did not get any pictures.
Would have been nice to see.
Yes..pics would have been nice....if I were you I would hang around and charge a small fee.... :D

I tried for pictures, but we had filled the data card earlier at a museum and I can't erase just one or two. You have to clear the entire card!

It was quite humurous though, especially with the Jeep. They were so greatful! The guy in the Ford was pretty ticked to have a Chevy pull him out. :cool:

I had offered many times to others, but these were the only ones that had there own tow ropes! I have no worry of getting stuck, so I keep my tow straps at home.

My wife had occassionally been giving me the business about loving my AV more than her, but she had such a good time watching me pull those two out that she actually suggested I should ad two mods....Metal bumpers! ;D She thought it would have been better to just push them along, rather than get out into the cold...

Thinking I'll run with this one. Time to search for some posts on this subject! ;)
;D MacMan....if he was ticked about an Av coming to his rescue you could have said....

" Geee Mr. Stuck Ford guy you could wait for another Ford to come buy and help get you out....But they are all stuck toooo" :eek:

And you never see the Jeep commercial where the Jeep gets stuck. I bet when they are filming and a Jeep does get stuck they have an Av on the set there to rescue it.

Ford guys at work are on me all the time since I was a Dodge guy before I got my first Chevy...

Great job helping out the less fortunate.

MacMan said:
Metal bumpers! ;D ?She thought it would have been better to just push them along, rather than get out into the cold...

Thinking I'll run with this one. ?Time to search for some posts on this subject! ? ;)

Hi MacMan - good story - this might help you in your serach
Metal Front Bumper thread
There is also a group buy thread for this bumper in the 4x4 forum
Before the AV, I was one of those Ford guys....Thank GOD I saw the LIGHT!

In all fairness to these Kansans, I hail from Michigan and know a thing or two about driving in deep snow. Down here a typical snow day results in a few hundred accidents (population a little over 300,000). Yesterday, in an 8 hour span there was over 150 reported and that doesn't include those that just lost control and ended up in the drifts.

I'd like to hope that better drivers of either a Jeep or F-250 4x4 could have gotten out on their own!

Never the less, it sure was fun have the AV! ;)
I picked the right year to get my Av. In NJ/Philadelphia area, we have had 14 winter storms totalling over 40" of snow so far. And they are talking about more at the end of this week. Bring it on! The Av has no fear! :B:
I was in Michigan Valentine's Day weekend, when a major storm blew through. ?Had to drive all the way back to South Carolina, and it was FUN FUN FUN. ?Even though I have a Z66, I was able to drive in the far left lane that was not cleared and by pass traffic that was backed up for miles. ?Needless to say, that pretty soon I had a convoy of trucks and cars behind me ;D ?and I saw a couple of them slid off the road into the median :eek: ?Hey it's not my fault they don't own an AV ;D ;) ?I love driving my AV in the snow, but man was it cold up north. :mad:

By the way I did see the infamous Yellow AV while on the way back and could not get the guy to stop for any reason. I was trying to tag him so I could prove that they (yellow AV's) really do exist :2:

Big Dog
MMMMM.....Sounds like another Big Foot story to me! >:D >:D >:D

Sure it was really yellow?

Just kidding.
MacMan said:
MMMMM.....Sounds like another Big Foot story to me! >:D >:D >:D

Sure it was really yellow?

Just kidding. ?

Well it was kinda hard to see with the snow blowing all over the place, but I swear to you, as sure as Bush knows who is more of a threat Iraq or North Korea, :eek: that it was a yellow AV.

And I think Elvis and Big Foot were driving it :2:

Big Dog
Good for you!

Hmm...so the ford guy was ticked eh? Doobie's right...just tell him the other Firds are stuck too. >:D

Hey, are the rear-wheel driven Z66s any good in snow?
Avrunner, Yes Z-66's come with a locking rear differential and 47% of it's 5600 pounds is over the rear wheels. I was moving a old Oldsmobile delta 88 out of my drive for the towtruck to pick up. It pulled a little hard (oopps forgot to shift it from park) front wheels slid all of the 50 feet. The ground was snowcovered and the street was packed snow and Olds was 3500 pounds. Sorry no pics of that but my Z-66 next to a yellow WBH

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Had the same experience with my AV this past Monday/Tuesday....Here in Tx we're not used to the wet frozen stuff! Man I could'nt wait to get out in it! I waved at all the Ford/Dodge 4x4's I passed on the road ;D
Somemore F'ed over rebuild dodge. Or ford backwards stands for. Driver returns on foot.

You know the tiger was not used to the snow coming from Louisiana and all. However, after living in Colorado Springs for one month, with the snow we have had, I must say my AV amazes me everyday. I only have a Z-66 and she performs well in the snow. She needs a bath, but she still rocks. I can't wait to add the flows, lift, and grill guard. I LOVE THE AV.



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