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Avalanche Toys



Anyone know of sources of Avalanche toys, models, die-cast replicas etc.? Please post or e-mail. ;D. I have an Indigo Blue Avalanche but my wife has it most of the time so I would like a small one to keep on my desk.
We have a club discount setup with Gil and Son over in Goo's Mini-AV MOD Competition.

You will probably get a better price than the ebay auction since their shipping can reach $12.

You can check out all of my collection at the link in my sig.

Purchased most of mine at WalMart and KMart. Some on Ebay also.
holy cow darkeye do u have more invested in collecables than ur 1:1 scale truck :eek: thats quit a few mini avalanches
I found an R/C model of a Red Av made by Nikko for $19.95 at Toys R US ( they also make one for $39.95 and $89.95 - take your pick - the 20 buck one terrorizes the dog pretty well ).....takes 4 AA's and a 9volt in the transmitter. I also found a Matchbox model in metallic green at KB toys for $1.09.
The best one ( and Goo has a pic of this one ) is the freebie I got from Chevy Fulfillment services.....came in an envelope with the original '02 catalog direct from Chevy.
Still looking for a scale plastic kit.

I'm with Darkeye...I have an Avalanche collection that is fast-approaching the cost of the real thing!!

I will have to gather everything up and get some pics out here. I also have the introduction portfolio provided by GM. The folder is plastic tri-fold and has a sail panel as one of the folds. It contains information about target market, features, specs, etc. Also has a CD with photos for promotion.

I have slowed down on the toy purchases, so I can buy some mods for my biggest toy of all!

I took my nephew to FAO Schwartz a month ago and saw a number of big toy Av's (2-3ft long). Don't know if they're the same being sold elsewhere, but you could call to find out...if you're willing to pay top dollar.

They were selling a fully operational mini yellow hummer for $40k. Must be for Bill Gates' kid. Said the thing went 75mph!
I found all of these at local stores (except the press kit). I have found that whenever i buy something off from ebay, I tend to find it in the stores within the next month, at cheaper prices.

I have FINALLY created my own Avalanche Collection website and started putting pictures out there.

Click on my signature to see the pics...

Nice collection Kevalanche! (y) (y)

Where have you been shopping. I've been checking out Toys R Us & KB, and have only found the tiny green Matchbox, and 1 color of the Bully (New Bright) 4x4's.

I've got the larger ones from Welly & Dubs, online. But you have a ton that I've never seen before.

I especially like the "Small, Medium, Large" all in a color
VERY close to .... Arrival blue... ;D ;D
Thanks! I bought most, if not all, the bigger models off the web...mostly eBay. A few of the smaller ones were also bought off eBay. Most of the Stompers, Matchbox, Bullies, etc. I found at Wal-Mart...a few at Big K Mart. The Stompers usually come in a set of 2 or 3 trucks with one pulling a trailer with a motorcycle, jetski, or snowmobile.

All of the blue New Bright Bullies I found at Wal-Mart.

I also have two blue RC Avs from Nikko that I haven't posted pictures for yet.

Not a shopping trip goes by without a sweep through the toy truck aisle...if I can succeed in sneaking away from my wife. ;D

What about a Zip Zaps. The ones from Radio Shack. I just bought one and would love if we could push someone into making the AV. Especially in white.... ;D Is there anyway we could push someone........... I haven't seen any white AV toys yet..... :6:
Dali555 said:
What about a Zip Zaps. The ones from Radio Shack. I just bought one and would love if we could push someone into making the AV. Especially in white.... ?;D ?Is there anyway we could push someone........... I haven't seen any white AV toys yet..... :6:

I have found a few versions of what I have collected in white. ?I have a 1/24 scale in white. ?I also found a small Stomper in white that I gave my dad...he has a white Z71. ?I hope he doesn't read this, but I have a 1/24 scale lowrider in white that he's getting for Christmas.
Where have you acquired the white one's...I have yet to see any other than that green one I got a shoprite....I would like to get the white one's ....would compliment my White AV...of course the wife thinks I've gone off the deep end...but who cares.... :B:
The larger white ones (1/24) I bought off eBay. I have only found one small Stomper at Wal-Mart in white. I look through the toys every time I go...if I have time. You never know what they'll have.

I haven't had very good luck at Toys R Us or KB Toys. My best store is Wal-Mart. I also found some at Big K-Mart and Target.

I just did a quick search of eBay using "chevy avalanche" in the title and description and found at least one 1/24 white one for sale. Buy It Now for $11.00.

Let me know if you need anything else!
I received one of the New Bright 4 X FOURS last night from one of my local members at cruise night.

Thanks Mr. Musiks (y)


That is my 1:24 DUBCITY next to it.

Now I have to decide whether to open and play with it :rolleyes:
You have to play with it goo!

You wouldn't believe the 4x4 power that thing has. It goes over a lot more stuff than I thought it would.

You might want to mod it though. >:D
That front bumber gaurd really gets in the way for crawling over things. Amazingly it just snaps right off. Permanently that is. But it allows it to climb a lot better.
I was able to get my front guard off without breaking, patience always wins. ;)

You've been gone too long. the new Target in Boardman had two 4x4, radio controlled, Av,s yesterday. One was blue and the other red. I have found the Wellys' out at North Lima at the train store cheaper than on ebay. I got a nice one from KB also.
OK ... I ripped it open and started playing with it. I am trying to find new things to run over now. I just did my dogs tail >:D