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avalanche vs Ambulance

hmm parts!! Maybe they's sell the tailgate to me  >:D

Hope everyone got through okay.vLooks nasty with all of them on top of the vehicle
Hard to tell from the photo about the collision, but those firefighters in Orlando sure did cut that Avalanche all to pieces. Hope everybody is okay.

rs72camaro said:
Hmm, a new convertable concept AVA  :0:
Good idea! had some Mexican seasonal workers who rolled their 4 door K-car and cut the top off, didn't look any worse than before and it was hilarious to watch them open the door after a big rain storm and see all the water run out.

Hope nobody was seriously injured. Too bad about the AV also but at least it was an 07, they'll build more.
The foward bed panel opens.  Roof folds up and back and rests against midgate in bed, Foward panel closes..