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AV's In La Grande It's About Time


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May 28, 2002
Floresville, TX
Over the weekend I was driving around La Grande, La Grande is a small town in eastern Oregon (12,323 people) and the dealer ship has only sold 3 AV's one of which is mine so as I am driving out Island City Ave. I see a White AV ;D with a big intena on the rear cover so I fallow it and it stops I get out with a club brochure and talk to the guy he is from Wallowa Lake the intena is a Ham Raidio so as I leave from talking to the guy a start around the block and here is a Black smooth ride AV ;Dso I fallow it and it stops and I give it a Club Brochure and talk to the owner after that I drove around some more stoped for lunch on my way in from lunch her is a Victory Red AV ;Dso I fallow it around a while and it stops and I give her a Club brochure she also from Wallow Lake I don't know if any of them have came to the website or not but man theres nothing like promoting the club I always carry at least 10 brochure in my AV so when I go out of town I give them out. Man I have never seen so many AV's in La Grande at one time
:cool:PS keep up the good work Chief the club is great