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"Baby Duramax Diesel In Avalanche"


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Feb 16, 2002
It is rumored that GM-Isuzu is developing a V-6 version of the awsome Duramax V-8 diesel. At 250 hp. and 375 torque it would be a good performer and get around 25 mpg. The only thing I don't like about my Avalanche is the fuel mileage. Right now in New Jersey gas is still around a $1.00 a gallon however as we know it will probably go up considerably in the future.
Here in Northern Jersey (Newark area) I have switched from the mid-grade stuff which is like $1.15 a gallon...to regular which is like $1.05.....

I have seen an improvement in my mileage...I don't know if it because the truck is starting to break itself in more and more or what...
Great idea. It is about time that GM did something to cure the smoke problem on the 5.3