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Back Pain



I've had my AV 1500 z71 for three weeks. My cloth bucket seats are killing my back, due to what seems like very little support. It feels like you sit "on" the seat instead of in it, maybe because of the SRS bag?? Am I crazy or does anyone else think this seat is uncomfortable? :6:
Hi Buddy,
Do the cloth seats come with the lumbar support adjustment. I had cloth in my Tahoe. I found that after adjusting the front lip of the seat and adding a little lumbar it was much better. Also, try different degrees of recline.

Hope this helps :cautious:
Try lifting the front edge of the seat while lowering the back. This worked for me. Good luck!
:B: :B:
Crank up that lumbar support - it makes all the difference in the world. As stated before, with the power 6 ways, pull the adjuster lever up to elevate the entire thing, then tilt the lever back to raise the front of the fanny cushion. Recline the layback till it feels good, then crank up the lumbar - you should feel ecstacy!

No cloth here...but on long drives sometimes I put on the butt warmers cause they also heat the lower back and well it feels so good >:D
I find the cloth buckets to be quite comfotable. I raise the bottom of the seat all the way up and recline to a comfortable position and then adjust the lumbar to my liking. It sounds like your lumbar adjustment may be adjusted so that the lumbar "buldge" is sticking out too far.
I've got the cloth bench. I'll admit that it did take me a while to get it set up to my liking. There are almost too many degrees of freedom on that thing! But, after playing with it over the course of a couple of road trips, I've got it pretty comfortable. Hopefully you can do the same - uncomfortable car seats are a real PITA (pun intended ;D)
Yep. I have the cloth seats, too. Only mine are in the bench form. I got a sore back in the beginning. Then I started playing with the seat adjustments including the lumber support. Now I can drive all day without noticing it at all.
I have the leather seats with the butt warmers.

The power lumbar has really saved my back on long trips. ;D