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Back Up Lights



Anyone else notice that the back up lights are way too dim? I am going to get some brighter bulbs to fix the problem.
My Av has backup lights? ;D Ya I agree, when I back up it's lights, what lights? Something brighter would be nice but I don't want to melt the housing or overload the wiring...
You can probably run up to 50 watt lights - check for heating if you backup more than 3 miles or 5 minutes. ;D

PremierMotoring Catalogue

JC Whitney 50 watt 3157 replacements

BTW, you are probably better off getting a pair of under bumper lights and using the trailer harness power and let the trailer lead trigger the backups, it is one of the seven wires.

AutoZone carries replacement lights that also beep - I have those - helps warn people that I am about to back over them ;D
JPendlum has some info on his site for hooking up some back up lights to an aux lamps switch that goes into your dash in the 4 pod housing. I hooked one up in mine for some offroad lights, it looks like it came that way from the factory, very cool mod.

Look at the bottom for rear fogs.
Would it be easier to just tap into the cargo lights for power to the aux lights in back? That way, you already have the switch, and get light in the bed at the same time... Anything wrong with this approach?
Tapping into the cargo lights sounds like a good idea but wouldn't it be just as easy to tap into the rear lights at their source. That way you don't have to look for the button when your backing up or leave them on when you take off and have everyone cursing you from behind. JP Customs has rear lights hooked up, but I'd like to see them in action first.
Chevylover - watch out, typical aux backup lights are 50 watts each, that will overload your factory wires - at the very least use a relay from the backup lights to trigger and run power back from the main fuse block. :eek:
I just ordered a set of 3157 xenon platinum 27W bulbs from Ebay, $16.95 including shipping. They are supposed to put out the same amount of light as a regular 50W halogen. I'll repost after I put them in and know how they work.
I installed 50 watt halogen replacement backup bulbs, got them at Auto-Zone. Work great, less than $10.

As gandolphxx has stated to do this Mod right(aux lamps) use a Relay-You can get all circuits from the rear of the trailer hitch,just install the 40 amp fuze or smaller in engine fuze block(forward front by fan)
Just got my new 28W xenon platinum 3157's installed last night, they are WAY brighter than stock. Very white, the stock bulbs are yellow in comparison.