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Aug 25, 2004
:help:I know 02's are getting a bit old here and this has probably been asked before, I have read a ton of posts and am having trouble finding exactly this:
Has anyone information on a basic low profile sub that would fit under the rear seat one side or the other? I'm looking for a a little added bass to stock system (02 non bose system). I have installed Alpine 6.5" drivers in the front doors with tweeters and coaxial Alpine's in the back doors. I have done the amp bypass mod and overall it's not a bad sounding system but lacks that deep bottom end. ?I just want to add that little bottom end punch without having to install a custom box or a modified midgate. I don't need to pound my guts just want decent audio. I am thinking a very low profile sub / amp that would fit under the rear seat might be the ticket. Is there something like that available off the self? ?
Has anyone else done something similar?
Any suggestions on wiring an amp into this system?
Thanks for reading.
There's lots of information here for a variety of subs. Have you looked into the Kenwood self powered sub?