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Before I Buy, Help


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Jul 25, 2002
Oklahoma City, OK
I'm planning to purchase a z66 package, don't need the 4wd and wonder if anyone can give me a heads up on what price i should expect. This forum is great, and you guys are very responsive and helpful. I've been reading this site for about 2 wks and will be a regular from now on.

From what I've seen, here in NY anyways, the MSRP should be around 33,000. You should be able to get it for less since the end of the model year is upon us.
A Friend Of Mine Just Bought A New 2wd Avalanche Last Night (24-July-02) For $24,500 Plus TTL. (In Houston)

Not Alot Of Extra Bells or Whistles, But It Does Have The Hard Bed Covers.

What area are you in? Here in Central Jersey, I found a dealer selling them for $350 over invoice. I paid 33 for my 1500 4X4 with power buckets and sunroof.
I wrote this in another post:

The invoice on the Z66 should be about $30,716, give or take assist steps, roof rack and stuff like that. ?That assumes the vehicle has not been sitting on the dealer's lot for six months since there has been some price changes (older Avs should be less money).
Check www.edmunds.com or another site like that to get the invoice price on the vehicle with options. ?That way you are not at the dealer's mercy with respect to the invoice price.
2002 Avs are going for invoice or less apart from the rebate. ?Which means you should be looking at somewhere closer to $28,200 at invoice with the rebate applied, then add the tags, title, taxes back on and you should have pretty close to your out the door price.

If you call a couple of dealers and tell them you are ready to purchase by the end of the month, you will probably get a good deal. Tell them you know they are going for invoice or less and ask what he is willing to do. Remember to check edmunds for the cost of any additional options if you are looking at getting more options, so you know what to expect.
Run a search for past threads. I remember reading about all kinds of deals, cost saving techniques and why people got the options they did. oh, and what to avoid.

Never hurts to research and get a better deal. :D
It appears that there is quite a variance depending on the area of the US you live.. In So Calif I paid 100 over invoice. All kinds of incentives now that the end of the model year is on us..
Guys, I'm looking to buy in a month to 2 months. I'm looking to buy the following.

2002 AV 1500 2WD Z66
bucket seats or bench seats? Leather or not, still deciding. Conv. Package

Simple as that. My question is what did people in the forum pay for their AV's and if they had the GM discount what is the percentage or money off? My brother works for the Oklahoma GM plant. He is gonna help me get one once i'm ready.

But I need to find out the diffinite price for the AV and if anyone has experience with the Oklahoma Dealers, which are best to deal with.

Thx AV owner,

Soon to be an owner.
Seating is certainly a personal preferrence. I know I am a bucket seat kind of guy. Leather whenever possible. My GMS discount was around $4800 for a loaded Z71.

Av sale price after discounts: 30,290 (sticker 38,789)

Been lookin to buy myself in NY, been told my discount will be @$5200. Lookin to get the bench seating for the extra seat when bed in use. Personal preference. Good Luck fellow gauker!
:love: :B:
Run a search for pricing, deals, cost, or MSPR in this groups archives. I know it was covered several times in the past (I know because I was asking the same questions before I bought mine.)

BTW - never been happier with a vehicle. It was our best purchase to date.
I'm in the same boat as Jamie. ?Sticker was around $38,500, and GMS was a little over $30,000.

IMHO - Go with the bucket seats ;)

Options make the difference.

Sunroof runs like $700
Leather, buckets, onstar...
This is not a recommendation. Would I buy another vehicle from them....I dont know.

I bought my av at howard chevy In edmond. They will match any price or beat any price from any dealer, they match smicklas price anyway. If you are going to finance the vehicle you need to be prepared for that. Their finance droids are wolves in sheeps clothing know your interest rates before you go. Prime is currenty 4.75 not that that matters a lot. you can probably get a better deal by not using the gmac financing you'll get your full rebate that way. Negotiate on the interest rate. If the finance droid drags is feet or says he cant do it. Leave. before you leave his office he'll be singing your song. remember its bad for them if they let one get away. Be careful of wag and extended warranties too.

This is just my experience. I am sure yours will be different.
My stcker was 37,500 after GMS it was 30,333.

I went with bench seats. We needed to have the capacity for 6.

I went with the bench seats, which limited my selection, since most Avs come with buckets. We were replacing a minivan with 7 seats, so I wanted at least six seats in my vehicle. I have not regretted my choice. The bench is basically two very comfortable bucket seats with a small bench in the middle. When the center arm rest is down, there is a huge separation between the driver and passenger.

We've comfortably had six people in the Av several times, and I've had three people in the Av when the midgate is down.

The only thing I couldn't get with bench seats is leather, but I personally think leather is too hot in the summer.

I don't have the convenience package so I can't comment on that.
Get the bench because it feels better knowing that you have the room for three passengers instead of two with the buckets when the midgate is down. You'll save a little money too. And if you want to make it feel like buckets just lower the backrest to the middle seat for an armrest! ;D
Not a recommendation but a correction - the sunroof is almost a $1,200 option not $700...

If you're looking for a 2002 in October I'd look for a used one (early trade on a 2003) or a dealer demo...