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Belmont Mine 4X4 trip with pics


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Mar 2, 2006
Litchfield Park AZ
Here was the latest off road trip we did with the AZ chapter.
We went to a closed down Gold mine in the Belmont mountains. The trail was fairly easy a few nice hill climbs, but I even did the entire trail in 2WD just to see if it could be done. We had to make a few u turns but the landscape was just great. We did climb to the top if the mine shaft and the smell of Bat droppings was overwhelming. But it was a long way down. We found a nice spot for lunch and then finished the trail. I think the trail was about 25 miles. And they did cause some Arizona pin striping down the sides of the AV. But that's what its all about. Only one injury and it was when I walked back into a cactus and had to have it removed very carefully. Here are the links to to the 2 pic links


Looks like you all had a good time.  Those cactus pics make me cringe.  I hate it when that happens.
BUDMAN said:
Looks like you all had a good time.  Those cactus pics make me cringe.  I hate it when that happens.

Yes it really sucked . My leg is pretty sore today. I think the cactus have some sort of poison in them. My leg went pretty numb after the spines went into my skin.
Great road/day trip...well except for the bout with the cactus...that made me cringe a bit looking at the pics....pics were great, by the way!!! Hope you leg is feeling better today... :wave:
Thanks for sharing your GTG pics.... Very  :cool:  trip...

This is the classic right here... 3 Generations of AV's

Perfect !!


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Looks like you all had a good time minus the cactus in someones leg.......I wish there was stuff like that in florida.