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Best Time To Order?



Hey folks, just wanted to get a couple of opinions with regards to WHEN I should place my order for my '03 Av in order to catch the best deals... From what I've heard, right now delivery is 6-8 weeks from when you order? I'm just thinking trying to time the truck's arrival with 0% financing or a bigger rebate or whatever... I'm already getting GMS price on it, but like the rest of you guys I certainly don't want to pay more than I'd need too... ;D Right now my plan is to walk in this Friday and place my order...

And if you're curious, my specs are as follows:

1500 SOM WBH Z66 Graphite Full leather w/bun warmers, Driver Convenience Package, 3.73's...
I think the worst part is that you get whatever the offer is at the time you buy the truck, and not at the time you order it. I ordered mine in mid-October 2002 and purchased it mid-December 2002. At that time they had the 0% financing for 3 years :8:. Yeah, like everyone can do that :p. It was 2.9% for 4 years and 3.9% for 5 years through GMAC financing. The dealers are supposed to figure out the best way for you to purchase the vehicle.
I was able to get the $1000 cash back which is no matter what financing you go through. GMAC or a bank or credit union.
They also had a $2000 bonus if you didn't use GMAC. I used some bank they dealt with at 5.9% with the additional $2000 and saved myself like $15-20 a month. A little bit of cash, but over 5 years it adds up.

That 0% always has the "Length of contract limited" clause going along with it. It almost always means 0% on 3 years, which on a $35-40k or more truck could add up to an over $1000 payment per month over 3 years depending on how much you put down on the vehicle. :7:
Simple: NOW

The longer you wait the longer you are without an AV. You really don't know what you are missing until you won one. Than - - you wonder why you didn't buy one sooner.
I ordered my Z71 WBH just over 3 weeks ago. I heard today that my AV is "supposed" to be built this week, with a delivery around 1 Feb.

Whatever incentives that are running when you PICK UP the truck is what applies. Not when you order it...and they claim they have no idea what future incentives will be offered.

JasonC said:
Whatever incentives that are running when you PICK UP the truck is what applies. ?Not when you order it...and they claim they have no idea what future incentives will be offered.

No doubt. They want you to buy now, not order... but I've never found a vehicle that was exactly what I wanted (especially with the WBH option just coming out, it'll be even more difficult to find I figure). My fiancee's sister works at a Chevy dealer in NY and the rumors she's hearing are 0% and 0 payments for a year in the spring... sure would be nice... but like they say; they never know what incentives will be there at the time...
We looked and looked for the exact combo we wanted. They just do not put them together that way. So we searched to see who had one with the options we did want, yet didn't have too many extras. We didn't want to pay for extras so we considered them as a negative when it came to bargaining.

It took too long for us to get one build the way we wanted. The second thing that made us go with one off the lot was it would have cost more to custom order and the end resale would have been less.

Why be concerned about resale? You never know what the future holds for you. Who knows if the '04 AV will be one we just can't live without and have to upgrade to it. You never know.

That and I don't think I could have waited for them to build it...