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BFG AT 285 65 18 with 2 inch leveling kit


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Jan 3, 2007
I had been looking for quite a while for pictures and information on putting BFG AT 285/65/18 on my 07 Avalanche Z71 and couldn't find anything that was proof positive that I could do it with out completely tearing my truck apart.  I am sure it is there I just couldn't find it.  So...here is my story and pictures if you have the same idea or if you care. 

I started with a 2 inch leveling kit.  That made a ton of difference in the looks.  The front was exactly 3 inches lower then the back.  I bought a Skyjacker 2 inch front spacer off of ebay for $107.  The guy who installed it thought the directions were a little easier then it actually was to put on. 

I then went to the tires.  I wanted the 285's so I had the tire guy try to put them on.  He only put the front left one on and it rubbed really bad.  I had to make a split decision and ended up going with the 265/65/18's.  The problem with the BFG AT's is that they have such a high side tread that they rub. 

After a day with them I realized the 265's were not going to work.  It just didn't have the look that I wanted.  So I took it back to the tire place and talked it over with the guy who installed them.  We figured that the 285's would fit with some trimming.  So...that is what I decided to do.  He put the right tire on first which amazingly enough, hardly rubbed.  We found out that the left side has the washer fluid reservoir pushing on the inside fender wall so it rubbed a lot more.  Not something that trimming couldn't fix.  So all he did was take out the honeycomb bracketed supports off of the front spoiler/ground effects and trimmed the fender wall a bit.  He did have to trim the spoiler/ground effect a bit but not much.  If you didn't see it stock you wouldn't even know that it was trimmed.

MORAL TO THE STORY--BFG 285/65/18's will fit with a 2 inch leveling kit and some minor trimming. 

See all the pictures below.  Hope this helps if anyone wants to do the same thing.


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Here is with the 265's then the 285's.


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Front of Front Fender pre and post trim.


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Back of front Fender pre and post trim.


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Thanks for the post! The truck looks great with the 285s!

When I get my truck, I want to go to 285s right away, and it seems that some people have had some minor issues with the BFGs because they are slightly larger than other 285s. I can't find the specs on the 18"-ers, but the 285/70-17 BFG is 32.8 vs. the Revo's 32.7 (Tirerack's Specs). I guess that 1/10" makes all the difference!

As far as your trimming - it looks like you just had to take a little plastic off the bottom of the fender wall, right?
Sorry it took so long to reply.  On the back of the fender wall it was very, very minor trimming.  Just about 3 inches trimmed off.  On the front of the inside fender there is a plastic stabilizing bracket that is kind of triangle shaped.  This is what the front part of the inner lining is attached to.  This needs to come off.  After that is out, the inside front fender wall gets trimmed a little.  You can also pull it towards the front by using zip ties to pull it away from the tire.  This seemed to work really well.  I haven't noticed any rubbing since I have had the tires on.  If you want me  to take a picture of the front bracket that was taken off and how much was trimmed, just let me know.  I meant to before but didn't think about it.
I also forgot to mention that on the backsite of the fender, the spoiler looking piece also needed trimmed.  I thing he just used a pneumatic cutoff wheel.  You can see it pretty clearly in the pictures.  A small triangle piece was removed.
That looks great. I have 20" BFG's on my 2005 Avalanche. Love the aggressive look. Still waivering on whether or not to level the front end.

Wanting to do exactly what you did, any front or rear photos showing width. Did you get anything for stock  Bridgestones?
I got $60 a piece for my Bridgestones here in Nebraska but I also got a pretty good deal on the BFG's.  My brother bought an 07 1500 (normal club cab chevy) in Missouri with the same tires and got $100 for each one but he paid a little more for his non-BFG tires...so it was a wash.  We both had around 5k on the original tires.  One interesting thing to note, he put a 2 inch leveling kit on his and did not have to trim a thing with his 285/65R18 Nitto Terra Grapplers. 

I have a attached the best rear view that I have.  As for the tires sticking out...they don't.  I did have a 00 Tahoe with 16X8's with these BFG's and it had a wider stance.  With the 7" rims it doesn't stick out much...my truck stays cleare that way. 

Alright, now I can't remember how to post a pic.  If I figure it out I will post the kind-of-rear pic.
Well, I can't seem to find the "attach" button, but if anyone ever has any questions about my mod you can e-mail me at jared.m.kimbrough@pfizer.com.  I will respond a whole lot quicker then on this site as I rarely check it...usually when I am thinking aobut a modification...like now.  Thanks.

is the picture you have of the 265's with the leveling kit also? I have a 2007 z71 and am still undecided if i should just put 265 bfg ats with the 18s and leave the suspension alone or do what you did. Did the leveling kit mess up your alignment or ride?
Let me help with 1 question...front end leveling kits (spacers) run less than $100, bought a new Daystar Kit(similar to above) for $79 on EBAY for another truck. It was pretty easy to install but if you want it installed, figure another $100-$150 at your local mechanic.

Did anyone try it with the 285's on the 20 stock wheel? I would like to see how it looks. thx
I just put 285/ 60/18 , fit without rubbing..  Still adding leveling kit for better clearance and  looks..



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Hi ajk2000,

The tires look really good (aggressive).  I'm thinking of adding the Ready Lift and getting new tires and possibly rims.
Did you ever get around to the lift?  Did you notice any additional ride height when you changed from stock tires to the Cooper Tires.  Have you experienced any rubbing since you had them on?
Any info would help

I'm wanting to do the exact same thing but I would have to do the trimming. (closer/cleaner pictures on where would be helpful) When you say rubbing, could I make it 2-3 miles without it damaging the tires.
Also, what kind of bug deflector is that.
Hi jkimbrough

Your Truck looks awesome......
I just had a Ready Lift kit installed on my 07 Z71(2.25 Front & 1.5" Rear) yesterday and have been banging my head against the wall trying to decide which tires to get.  I'm just about convinced to go with the same set up you have.
Have you had any issues since the install?
Is there any reason why you did not just take off the front spoiler/ground effects?  Looking at the pictures it looks like you would have a little more clearance.

Any info would be greatly appreciated, I'm really itching to order new tires since I have had the Lift installed