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Billet AC/Headlight Control Knobs!


SM 2003
Full Member
Sep 23, 2002
I just got my first set of knobs done! What do you guys think? I still need to polish them but I think they look great! I'll install them and post more photos later. Those interested in buying them can shoot me an E-mail for more information. (y)


Wow, you made your own?? I bought some on the group buy a while ago...

Headlights = "Z66"
Climate = AVA LAN CHE
irontrain said:
Nice job Big Red. You made these yourself? Any thoughts on a price for members?

I was thinking about it but they just cost to much ya know? I feel that people would think I was trying to rip them off... truth is it cost me $55 bucks to make my set you see in the photo. and it takes a little over and hour and a half to make each one. see where I am going? I wouldn't mind getting paid 25 bucksfor them.... but thats $75+ for you guys. I just thik it's unfair to you guys. If someone is interested in buying a set... e-mail me and we can try to work a deal out.

if you like these wait till you see the billet door panels, bezal and dash goodies I'm making right now...