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Billet Grille Explanations



I'm wondering what the difference between a brushed, polished, and black billet grille is? And what are the pros and cons of each? And do each blend with a different vehicle color better? Thanks

Well, brushed is a satin finish (dull), polished is a mirror finish, and black is well, black. Your second question I think is personal preference.
So, why would you go with the black...doesn't the AV come with black? ?And why would you go with brushed when you get can more shine by going up to the polished? ?Seems pretty simple to me.

Sorry for all the questions. But, what benefits does the billet grille have other than looks? Any more airflow?
Again it's personal preference. Some people prefer more shine (polished), some like the smooth horizontal looks of the billet, but don't want the shine (black). Some say potayto, some say potahto. Me, I say spud!

Thanks for the links. Those are very dangerous websites. I could end up spending way too much. And then I'd have to find a new home after the wife drop kicked my as*.
One more option is the Lund Screen Front or Cold Front (for winter time) Grille insert available in paint to match plastic or stainless steel
The Carraige Works grills are very easy to install and do not require cutting out the stock grill. They come in black, brushed, and polished. I went with the polished on my Av and my wifes Trailblazer.

Here is the place I bought both. Super fast shipping and great service.


Custom Auto Parts
One more thing for those not in the know. ;D

All BILLET is aluminum. You can have it POLISHED to a "chrome finish" or BRUSHED to a satin finish.

Chrome is usually a metal alloy "dipped" in chrome.

Polished Billet and Chrome will look the same (for most naked eyes that is). Chrome is cheaper, but it can rust if the chrome coating is broken. Aluminum will not rust and is more substantial.

Hope this helps.


thanks for 411 on the grilles. very plan english helps out every time.


the partners on this site are very easy to deal with and that's where i'm heading as soon as i get my friday check...unless the wife gets it first. DAMN HER, she's interested in our children's education. Give me a break, doesn't she know that auto mechanics have the greatest jobs!
I have a bra protector on my hood and it doesn't effect the billet grille at all....I ahve a Precision Grille..