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Blower Won't Turn Off!!


Full Member
Sep 8, 2002
Traverse City, Michigan
I just picked up my new Av 4 days ago and today I went out for lunch and the battery was dead. I jumped the Av and after turning it back off, I noticed the blower would not stop. Also I can not adjust the fan/blower speed on the heater. Even though the truck is off and the heater is off, the blower will stay on until the battery is dead. Bck to the dealer Monday!! Any thoughts? Anyone see this before?

I have never heard of that one! Must be a short, or it was just wired up wrong.
It is most likely a blower control module. The blower module controls blower speed through a ground circuit in this module. It has battery power to the blower at all times thus if the modle completes ground and sticks that way the blower will run continuously till battery dies. This is a common problem with GM and their Automatic air systems, common on Caddys, Buicks and Olds with Automatic air, even so this is the first AV I have heard of and there are no TSBs on it that I have seen. You can unplug the blower to stop the battery from draining untill you get ti to Chevy.

Hope this was of some help, Richard
Just a heads up to everyone. This IS an Avalanche and Silverado problem. My local dealer has seen 3 Av's and a Silverado in the last few weeks with the same problem. Apparently there is a problem with the blower control processor. The parts to fix this problem are also difficult to come by. My dealer had 1 left and said they have been told the part is on indefinate backorder. "Could be here tomorrow or in a week." Just wanted all to be aware.