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Blue Z71, Home Depot, Reading, Pa

As difficult as it may be to understand there are still folks to whom their vehicle is a mere tool
to go about their ?busy lifestyles?.

The most they will contribute to the ownership experience is fuel & toll coins.

Their loss...

I believe in squezzing the most out of every aspect of life from doing your job right , to personal relations and why not: certain material goods which come to spice and reward a hard-honest working lifestyle...

Have a happy Sunday..whats left of it...
bfron maybe the next guy u tag will look @ the brochure u leave on his AV. I really believe that some people think u want something from them by giving them the CAFCF brochure :cautious: and don't even look at it or check to see what it's all about :mad:. I have handed them in person to some AV owners and got the strangest looks from them :2:. Oh well their loss............Keep up the good Tagging ;D