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Bowtie On Roof


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Jan 18, 2002
New Jersey - Exit 5
Has anyone considered placing the Chevy Bowtie decal on the roof of their Av just behind the windshield, like in this photo?

It think it looks great in this photo, but I'm not sure if anyone would see it from ground level.


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Looks nice - I'd consider a black one for my pewter Av. But, indeed it would rarely bee seen.
This looks really cool! Wondering how a white or grey one would look on my moonroof. Create an interesting shadow in the truck, that's for sure! :B:
I love it, but even zimmsAV couldn't see it on mine, but then again I think I would still get one put on. I really do Like the Look of it.
My sunroof is there............now maybe on the hood............ :love: :B:
ygmn said:
My sunroof is there............now maybe on the hood............ :love: :B:
That wouldn't work on my hood ... one of my carwash buddies might scratch their knees ?:rolleyes:
They may slip Goo just catch them when they do >:D
I like the sunroof idea!

Maybe on the inside of the sunroof would work. When you slide back the cover, WHALAH! (Also, Goo's buddies couldn't scratch their knees on it....could they?)
Not a big fan of the location because not many people would get the pleasure of seeing it. However, I think I may like this bowtie on my rear window. Just a thought.
We had a giant chrome bowtie (hollow in the middle) with blue metallic flames coming off the sides on our rear window. It looked sharp! But...then I found the infamous cracked window trim and had the window replaced. No more bowtie.
I'll have to pass on this one. It'll make it too easy to be seen by the police helicopters....

"Tonight on 'The World's Worst Drivers'.... Avalanches gone bad!" >:D
I have had a bowtie on a hood on a previous vehicle. It was a pain to polish around it. The back window would be a neet place, but I have been thinking of placing one of those Flag Thingy;s there.

Guess I am out of possiblities
There used to be a window tinter here that did really neat designs in the tint. Not sure exactly how but possibly a combination of regular tint and mirror tint. But alas, here no more. Bummer :(