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Bowtie Replacement


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Jan 27, 2002
North Reading, Ma.
how do you remove the little screws or bolts that hold the plastic piece thats right in front of you when you open the hood and seems to be attached to the grill by black pop screws? im replacing the bowtie on the grill with an aluminum one and need to get this piece off to get the old bowtie off. this seems to be the only way to do it. thanks. Alex
Whoa - you should be able to remove bowtie with no tools - reach up from underneath - should feel two posts - force them out and you got it. ;D

The are bars that spring out - gently - releases the bowtie.
he's right, but in my case that helped to remove it. i actually removed the whole front end because the bowtie i bought came with studs and nuts. it's actually very easy.

holler if you need any help...