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Box Cover Drip Catcher Problems



Has anyone had a problem with the rubber troughs under the hard bed covers on both sides of the bed splitting?? I just took my AV to the dealer to have them both replaced because they split in the middle lengthwise. Mine split at what looks like a seam where the trough starts to curl upward. I think they started splitting when they got bent downward when putting something in the bed or got leaned against. Anyway it is worth looking at b4 warranty ends.
Do a search on this topic...it has been discussed before..

Hey warren,

That is a very common issue and is caused by owners actually using the cargo bed and bending those POS gutters. Very Very bad design.

Mine split and I actually saw it happen. One of the mechanics who was changing out the panels, due to them leaking, bumped up against them during the instal. I could not believe my eyes when I saw them split apart. I had them order new ones right then and there!!