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Break-in! Radar Detector Gone...


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Feb 15, 2002
Plano, TX
Well, last night some scum-sucking low-life coward threw a brick through my driver window and stole my radar detector. I thought it was fairly well hidden, but apparently not... See the thread on this at;

My security system (nice after-market) did its job well. My key fob went off and I was on the driveway in about 45 seconds. Unfortunately, the worm was long gone.

*SIGH* I'm not sure what I will do now. Thieves are the scum of the earth!
I take my Valentine inside every night. Got broken into too many times in the past and is not worth leaving anymore.

Broken windows suck!
That seriously sucks hard. I have to keep mine outside as well. What part of town are you in? I live in the Denton area, and have a low crime rate fortunately.
Wow! sorry to hear about your break in... :cry: I live on a dead end street so hopefully the only folks coming down into my street actually live there.....Anyone else that looks suspicious gets the scope immediately...
Well, I live in a pretty nice neighborhood in Plano. Well lit, etc. I'm convinced it's probably a kid running wild. If I catch the cowardly little bastard he'll regret doing it for a long, long time.
:eek: d--- naylor, that really sucks. i got mine hooked up like you told me to, but i still have been in the habit of taking it off and sticking it under the seat and tucking the wire out of site when i park at the docks to go out to my rigs.......man, i do not know what i would do.. get a nice rotweiller to sit in the front seat for you.>>>
i have been watching the valentines on ebay and the old ones still go for 300, that is more than a brand new escort8500....
I just wish the tailgate locked automatically with the rest of the truck. (My son's ice hockey gear and some computer tools were stolen last night) why can't we all just get along. What is someone gonna do with a bag full of dirty hockey gear to fit a 9 y/o? :(
I don't mean to be critical but if you guys can afford AVs (I don't even have one yet) you probably own homes with nice big garages. I have three car garage, with a nice empty bay just waiting for the AV.
I am sorry to hear about your Avalanche being broken into. :(

Regarding the discussion of the Valentine One, I can confidentally say that it is the best radar detector I have ever purchased. I originally purchased a Uniden GPS-RD and returned it within a week to order the V1.

A friend who works for a company that sells equipment to the RCMP and city police gathered the different radar guns and the detector picked up everything, even banked and indirect shots. He was very impressed, as were the police officers who were watching. It is very expensive, but very worth it. It picks up laser and photo radar very nicely, with plenty of time to slow down if you're hovering over the limit a bit.

Just my two cents. :)