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Bug Deflector - Have It, Hate It, Don't Care

Pick a category, just curious

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    Votes: 163 97.0%
  • Have it and love it

    Votes: 4 2.4%
  • Had it, and took it off

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Jan 24, 2002
Houston, TX
Just one of those polls, I decided to take mine off after 6 months, forgot how nice the front really looks without it. ;D
I have both the Chev bra and the WeatherTech shield. I Like the look of the Av all three ways; bra, braless and flac jacket. It changes so easily there's no reason to limit yourself. :B:
I have a clear Lund shield painted to match my Av. First road trip (pre-shield) left 12 lbs of bugs on the window. Post-shield trips leave no more than 3 lbs of the windshield. I have to vote for leaving it on. And I like the look, too! :cool:
I followed that thread for a long time because I really wanted one. However, I didn't get one for the same reason I decided not to get the Billett Grille. I have the GM Brush Guard. IMO if everything I like individually were installed, it would be a little much on the front end. It would look kind of "busy," if you know what I mean, and actually take away from the overall look of the AV. If it weren't for the Brush Guard though, I would have both the Bug Deflector and Billett Grille. I understand the benefit of the Bug Deflector, but for me appearance is just as important as function.
I have the GM supplied bug guard.

Well, there was the flapping noise thing to start with. And I still have several rock chips on my hood. I've had more rocks hit my windshield than any other vehicle I've owned, including both cars and trucks. Bugs still hit my shield regularly. It's hard to properly clean it and behind it.

I only hope that it does reduce the chip damage and number of bugs hitting the shield, but I'm not convinced of it. May have to try it without.
I'm afraid that whomever was running the paint line at the GM plant when mine was built said, "uno mas cerveza por favor," one to many times the night before. My paint is thin and without it I'd be looking at primer by now. So it's all about function for me...
I had one on my 2k Silverado and it scratched my hood and eventually cracked. This time for my AV I went with the bra this way I could take it on and off without putting tape or worrying about scratches (except from the road debris).

On a white AV, the smoke deflector takes away from the lines of the hood which I love. Now I've seen issues with the Billet Grille and hood deflector. Glad I didn't go with the deflector cause I like the look of the Grille and am willing to sacrifice functionality for looks.
I bought the Lund and I have to say it has been doing a great job keeping the bugs off my window. The big test will be in two weeks when I drive to San Diego on I-5(bug Central).

Since my AV is Black the deflector is hardly even noticeable.

Need the catagory - "have it but wish it worked better"

In my case, I consider it a 'chip preventer' for the front edge of the hood. I'd hoped it would have done better on bugs and rocks, but I have 3 chips in about 5000 miles, and the bug count after a road trip ia pretty high too.
I got my first rock chip last week. I was pissed. I've had a hood shield on every vehicle I've owned and never had a rock chip before. Now that I finally get the coolest vehicle on the planet....2 months later *BAM*

And it was a damn Ford that did it to me. GRRRRR!

I'll be buying a shield very very soon.
The bug defector does not stop the rock from hitting the window, :C: and does add to the wind noise along the window strips. :8:

I may go with a "bra" which will save the front edge (as soon as I see one). ;)

So, is there any kind of a consensus on whether or not the Bug Deflector actually works?
I bought mine only to protect the leading edge of my hood from rock dings and chipped paint. For me , anything else is a bonus. YMMV. ;D
Hey KeninPa,

Attached is what mine looks like with the bra.



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Your bra looks great! :eek:

Where, How Much, and (most important) Do you get the flapping window molding - wind noise ? ???

I did have to cut off one of the top grill sections in order to fit the grill under the hood deflector, but we like the end result.
I am also kind of surprised to how we like the other items in the 'Protection Package' as well.

I have included an attachemnt of the AV as it sits now, with all of the exterior mods shown.


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Hey KevinPa,

I got it from the GM Parts website, http://www.gmpartsdirect.com/accessories/accessories/frameset.cfm for about 34.00.

As far as the wind noise, what wind noise? I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to use the double sided tape to fix the known issue for other people.

I drove to Lake Tahoe and back with no noise travelling over 70 mph in most cases. I only use the bra when travelling long distances. On a day-to-day basis, I don't use it.

I just installed the weathertec rain guards and bug deflector. I do have some wind noise but am not 100% sure it wasn't there before! Its summer and with the windows down and new exhaust, I will have to wait until new winter to see is the noise will bother me. The weathertec bug deflector is nice but if I was to do it again I would go for the GM one, as far as looks!
I installed the GM Avalanche etched bug deflector last week and does it look great. Along with adding a great look it also adds the leading edge hood protection. My other truck does not have one and the hood L/E is chipped from road rash. The Bug Shield did creat a small vibration in the drivers side mirror, but I can live with that. Sage Green Metallic North Face Edition 1500 Avalanche. First new truck ever purchased, and first GM product purchased. I was a other brand driver and have now seen the light.
Stormn, good to see someone come over to our side! My younger brother and I have heated debates about his F250 and my Av.
I just installed the GM Bugguard not only does it protect my AV it makes it look really scary coming at you. Thank god i have none of the probs with windshield noise or anything like that. I love it.
I just put on the deflector/splashguard/vent kit from GM. I love the bug guard, excellent installation and it gives plenty of room around the paint. The vents that go around the drivers windows are nice but at highway speeds they make my mirrors vibrate.