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Build 2003 Canadian Av!


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Sep 2, 2002
For our Canadian members! GM Canada has finally updated the the Avalanche web site to the 2003.You can now build a new Av online with updated prices and options.They still have the link to the old accessory page but the build your own is new.It would seem that the wbh option does not exist up here, at least not on line.Not that I would want a nekid Av, but I thought it was interesting that it wasn't an option up here!The OnStar looks like it's a stand alone option also very pricey. No mention of the XM radio either.Smokers package goes for 30 bucks also.Thats new!For those interested you can dream online Canadian Avalanche

Thanks NatscanAv. I have been waiting for this for quite a while. I actually just them an email the other day wondering why they haven't updated the site yet.
It sure took a long time for them to upgrade to 03..Now if they would only get a parts page update! :0: I emailed them too, the other day! Maby they heard us! :)

It is interesting to see some of the prices for a few of the options. I noticed the Personal security Package, which gives you only OnStar and side air-bags, adds a whopping $1,490 to the price :eek:. I think that is pretty pricey for what you get. It also appears that the sunroof option went up about $200 as well.
Tks for the update. I have checked the site every once and awhile and was wondering how long it would take GM Canada. I saw a 03 AV at a dealers with the darker cladding but on it was the molded mud flaps in the gray from the 02, I thought it looked dumb. Are they making the darker colored mud flaps?
Leather said:
Tks for the update. I have checked the site every once and awhile and was wondering how long it would take GM Canada. I saw a 03 AV at a dealers with the darker cladding but on it was the molded mud flaps in the gray from the 02, I thought it looked dumb. Are they making the darker colored mud flaps?

02 coloured mudflaps with the 03 darker cladding?? Sounds pretty tacky to me!!
I haven't seen any 03's here yet as there are still loads of 02's on the lots. I saw one lot that 7 02 z71's and 1 02 2500, all in black. I have seen lots of 03 pickups, but no Av's yet. I guess I'll have to recheck some of the lots again.
I just discovered, you cannot have the bench seat and the 6 CD changer :mad:
I have too much in mods to trade my 02, but if I was looking for an 03 this would be a pain in the butt.
It looks like in a lot of cases it's a case of you will take this if you want this and you have no option.I haven't been to the dealer to price one,yet,so not sure if this is just an online thing or what.I don't need/can't have a new one until March so I figured i would order it in Jan or so. Maby I'll go kick some tires as they say and find out what the scoup is! And $1500 for onstar :eek:, you can get CAA gold and a cell phone for 10 years for that kind of money! :0:
Does anyone know whether you get an insurance break with Onstar? If so, how much?

I was watching the news just last week when a police officer being interviewed commented how nice it was that the vehicle which had been stolen had Onstar - catching the crook was a no-brainer. I had just dismissed the idea of ordering the package with Onstar, but am reconsidering now, especially if a chunk of the cost can be recouped in insurance savings.

03's have been in my area for a while now - but no 2500's anywhere, 02's or 03's. I'd really like to see one. I check one of the local lots every night on my way home from work. They think I'm insane.

If anyone has pictures of an 03 Victory Red (1500 or 2500), please post or give me the link (sorry - I've tried searching but I can't seem to use that function very efficiently). I do have a few pics of the Z66 and of the red 03 (taken at the lot with the SOM).

I was going to order an 03 for delivery in mid-December but the salesguy wouldn't (or couldn't) give me a straight answer as to what financing/lease rate would apply (assuming that they vary between ordering and delivery). I decided to take my chances in December and see what's available then, given the motivation of most dealers to sell in volume to hit year end sales incentives, or so I've been told (I've always had good luck in mid-December). The problem is that in my area, there are no 2500's anywhere, which is what I want. Hopefully things will change by x-mas. It's too late to order now anyway.

I noticed the Canadian site up as well. When are they going to acknowledge gray as an available colour? And why is it that the U.S. site is about a trillion times nicer (eg. colours)? I know that you can now price an Av in Cdn dollars which is handy for us northerners, but I had a complete printout of the 03 pricing August 16 (including every option) - anyone could have got this by calling any dealer.

Also, the "offers" link at the Canadian site hasn't provided any info for a while now. I used to be able to track all the 03's (and 02's) available in my area using this function. It hasn't worked for a while - it says the info is being updated.

It's great having a Canadian site, but I think it's a little shoddy, quite frankly. I wonder if GM realizes how many people research online these days (I'm sure they must know that).

Please forgive the wandering message. My enthisiasm at this site always gets the better of me.
You are right!Mntbkr! The US site is far superior to the Can. site! It is more of a pain than a help at the best of times. I forgot about the grey paint colour also,whats up with that?I'm dieing to see an 03 dark grey with dark cladding!But none around here yet!

I think my ins. company gave me a little break because of OnStar but i dont think it amounted to much.

Maby all the Canadian's on the site should lobby GM Canada for the same type of parts access our bro's to the south have.The dealers up here are not much bettter. I had one pull out the 2002 brochour and open to the acc. page and say there you go.Thats all they claim to have part #'s for?I kind of wanted one of those Av hitch covers but no luck at a dealer yet. :(
mtnbkr, just have a few more go's with the search button, it really is a good resource. There is in fact a thread covering exactly what your looking for with a link to photos of a 2003 Victory Red avy... you'll find it here .

I've ordered a 2003 Black 2500 from a Canadian dealer in Halifax, I'm expecting it to arrive (at the dealer) in a few weeks.
NatsCanAv - the dealers where I am are pretty brutal. I should take a shot at a new thread on this one. In fact I think I will.

Skidd - thanks for the link. That's what I was referring to as the Victory Red and SOM pics in the lot. On the same thread was Supermobile's pics of his Z66, which I was also referring to. At the risk of sounding greedy, are there any other pics of 2003 Victory Reds you're aware of?

Thanks in advance.