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Buisness Cards?


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Sep 1, 2002
Conway, AR
Can someone look into making up some Buisness Cards for the club? ?I would not know where to start to get this going. ?Everytime I pass out a brochure I get tired of having to right my email address and contact information. ?Does anyone else think that this would be a good idea? ?Have a buisness card with your Avalanche on it. ?Let's see where this goes.

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I think this is a good idea too. What would be key is how this is implemented.

To control costs, I think maybe making a pdf form available to members. You type in your contact info, then print it out. Supporting and Charter members, as well as Moderators and Chief would have access to a form with that identfying info on it. Anyone who is registered would have access to the form.

Another way to implement this is to log in and your contact and identifying info is automatically entered into the form. Although a bit more involved to set up, that's even easier for people to use.
SoCalCindy made business cards for this very purpose. At the last meet I attended, SoCalCindy gave me a small stack of business cards for tagging. Check with her, maybe she can provide you with her contact for the cards.
I really like the idea...seems like I've seen that idea somewhere before... ???
It seems like there are some online places that will make business cards for free, however they have a little blurb about their business on them too.
I made business card on photo stock paper has picture of avalanche on front (glossy) with the words join the chevy avalanche fan club and on the back it has CAFCNA Logo and how to join info including my email great for tagging vehicles. I used microsoft publisher to accomplish the design.

Also made brochures based on the pdf version available online but added new information about the Tampa Bay Area Chapter this was also done with publisher

They turned out great

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Conwayavalancher said:
?Everytime I pass out a brochure I get tired of having to right my email address and contact information.
I know Goo had an address label sticker on the back of his Brochures that he had printed out on the computer with his name, cell phone and email address.
I gave a business card tag in Barstow on the way back from Las Vegas this morning. While in line at In & Out Burger in Barstow a guy (Bill) asked me how I liked my AV. I told him it was the best vehicle I've ever owned. We talked for a while and while I was waiting for my order to be completed, I went out to my AV and gave him a business card.