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Burn Outs!


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Mar 6, 2002
Good day to all,
Don't get the wrong idea by the subject of this thread. :)

I have a '02 Avalanche 1500. I have a good friend who has a '99 Silverado with the same 5.3 L engine. He has some work done to his truck, where mine is still stock.

Yesterday, we were cruising next to each other. Now, my friend has 20" rims on his Chevy, I have the 17" wheels. He was able to power brake and actually get those 20" wheels and tires to burn rubber. I tried and nothing, I had traction assist off and all, but the damn tires won't spin.

My friend added that my truck didn't have the balls to break the tires loose. Is this true? My 285hp/300+ lbsft.torque doesn't have the power to do a burn out?

Have any of you attempted to do a burn out w/ your Avy? If so, what were the results?

This is all in fun, I don't go around burning rubber. :)

However, I do like power! ;)
Try it in low or 2 - limits the transmission options - also check your tires - the dealers have been sending them out at lower pressure than advisable to smooth the ride - happy smoking ;D
Spray some "no touch" on the sidewalls liberally until it runs over onto the tread. Rev her up in neutral to 3K then throw it in Drive....WEEE aren't we having fun. Or try just inflating the tires to 60# and spray the tread with silicone ?;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Sorry I have the oppsite problem. When you have to step on it the tires keep braking loose. 8.1L All stock.
BLKJACK, dont ever attempt to do what you said. neutral drops will kill your tranny fast. it will literaly "drop" don't ever try that unless you can fork over the cash for a new tranny. as for burning out, us 2500 owners do not have this problem ;D. just put it in 1st gear and do a break stand it will lite 'em up trust me. post pics if you do it. Alex
I don't know for a fact but I would think the rear end of a Siverado is a tad lighter than that of an Avalanche. Could this possibly be the problem? Hmmmm :cautious:
Brilliant deduction my good man Wind4power...

And as for you Blkjack, Go to your room and NO Avy for you tonight buster..

Leeder, Don't forget that you have 4 channel ABS. Standing on the breaks and flooring it ain't gonna cut it.

Mix up some Clorox Bleach with some liquid detergent in a bucket of water. Pour it over the tread and the pavement in front of the tires.

Jump in drop it in 1st and step on it........

You'll have pavement pounding fire breathing race fans up in their seats. So much smoke you won't be able to see behind you. If your lucky you might even get some bubbles........

I think of the cost of these tires $$$$$ ching ching ching....

Nope not gonna try it. Not gonna do it.
Thanks for replies Gentleman!

I am definetly looking to get more power out of my Avy!

Can you post any websites which have information on aftermarket parts for out trucks such as intake, exhaust and CPU's?

Thanks again!

The performance of a vehicle is measured by how quickly the horsepower of the engine can be converted to forward momentum. Empty pickup trucks, be definition, are difficult to "get off the line" without losing traction and "smoking tires". My old '88 Chevy with almost 200K miles can get really scary on a rain-slick road. The Avalanche, in contrast, with its shorter box, and longer cab, has a distinct advantage in the traction area. The weight distribution is much better than in a standard pickup. You don't mention if you have the G80 locking differential on your Avalanche, but this would also work to limit wheel spin at least initially. The better question to ask is "why does my firends pickup smoke tires so easily?", not why doesn't my Avalanche smoke tires?". Any drag racer will tell you that smoking tires, while impressive, does not win races.
Gotta love that Avalanche!
SoCalCindy said:
I don't know for a fact but I would think the rear end of a Siverado is a tad lighter than that of an Avalanche. Could this possibly be the problem? Hmmmm :cautious:

You are very correct. One thing that impressed me about the Avalanche was it's near sports car balance of 53% weight up front, 47% weight in the rear...
I am not in complete agreement that spinning tires will not win races, however that is a totally different thread. ;D

Actually, my question remains the same. Why can't my avalanche burn rubber?

I am comenting on having the power on tap that will make your tires spin. It does not seem that the Avalanche has this power stock from factory. I have a Z66 Avy that has the G80 differential. I did turn the traction assist to off for the attempt.
The traction control does NOT turn of the G80 locking differential. You are actually trying to spin both rear tires on take-off - ain't gonna' happen. The pickup, with its lighter rear end, probably lighter overall weight, and without the locking differential will definitely have a tire spinning "advantage", if you want to call it that. GM has worked hard to create a vehicle that is well balanced and has good traction, this is not conducive to "burnouts". If you want to do burnouts, you will have to lose the G80 differential (probably plenty on this board that would like to buy it from you) and figure a way to put a higher percentage of the weight on your front wheels and take weight off of the rear wheels. You definitely bought the wrong vehicle and equipment if "burnouts" are important to you!
Thanks for the info!

Burn outs are not important, but the power to break loose is.

I'll keep you posted on the mods and the progress. ;D
Take your hard cover and tail gate off - good excersise - that should help - closer to "dragstrip" conditions ;D

Or, you could get a SuperCharger ;D ;D ;D
Folks! We are forgetting something.....What you really want to do is spray your driveway down with your garden hose...wait until the temps drop to about 30.....then you will not only break loose but you will get a fish tale for free... ;D ;D ;D
as a previous sports car owner, ?(before my Av) ?this too crossed my mind. ?the only reason i havent tried it yet is because of the huge 33's currently on the rig.

but to assist you in a test attempt (learned this from a friend), try driving around first, cruzing and a little mash here and there. ?

when you are tempted and ready (might want to find a secluded area first), hold your truck in the brake stand position, left foot brake and right foot gas. ?drop you gears down to L. keep the left foot firm on the brake, and then start gassin with the right, while doing so, ease up with the brakes until the tires start spinning, then just keep the brake pressure at that point. ? :cool:

my friend has a 2001 extreme blazer and has to do that in order to break traction, and it catches posi, not one legger. ?the blazer to has excellent weight dristribution as well as a 4.3 vortec, so consider it a similar situation to the Av. ?he has tried burning the tires on a cold start and no luck. ?it seems to work better after driving a bit.

then again, the weight distribution may be the biggest factor and still not allow it. ?keep us posted if you try it...
It's easy to spin tires in a pick-up even if you have a four cylinder. The Avalanche has a lot of weight. I might try it in mine (What gear ratio do you have), but I haven't because I don't want to waist my tread. Also, you may get a little more power out of your AV once it's broke in.
Another thing with the huge 13 inch rotors in the back and the brake proportioning system, I'm sure it's very hard to get to power brake. :cool: