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Buy It Or Not?

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I recently went to my local dealer and negotiated a fairly decent deal on a new Z71 AV. I went home thinking that my dream vehicle was on the way. Since then, I have heard that many AV`s have water leaks into the cab of the vehicle.

In another part of this board a survey was started asking owners with leaks to respond. No information on owners that had no leaks was given.

Having had a GM vehicle that leaked water (late 80`s), I know first hand that this is frustrating. The question becomes, is this a recurrent or common problem with the AV?

Sale Pending. Is this a common problem?
Welcome Georgiaboy! I have owned a 2003 Z71for about 6 wks. So far no leaks. I have washed it down several times with the hose and it has been in several downpours already. I have not yet washed out the bed(no need yet). I have gathered from reading here that most of the leak problems were in the 02 models and that some improvement in the seals was made by GM.

Good luck with your decision.
I've had my Z66 for over a year now. Washed, and powerwashed it, went through numerous downpours sitting and at highway speeds. No leaks what so ever.
Go for it, you will not be disappointed. Any initial leaks from early models should have been corrected by GM since they were aware of the problem fro quite some time.
Your gonna love your new "baby"!!!!!!
Hey folks we already have some extensive discussions on the leaking midgate problem. You will find them under the following threads;

Water in cab survey

Mid-gate water leaks

Please post your comments, questions and observations in the existing threads so that we can keep all the relevant information in one place.


Skidd 7;)
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