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Buyer Rebate, Built Before 12/18/01


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May 4, 2002
NE Ohio
I wanted to let any possible new AV buyers be aware that there is a $1000 rebate off the purchase price (if it was built before 12/18/01) ?Dealers don't have to disclose this, along with the $2002 cash back and an additional $500 for dealer cash.
First ?do all your haggling, then ask them about this. ?I got one heck of a deal. I talked them down $4000 off list then got ?all the rebates . ?
?Indigo Blue Z71 built on 5/01 purchased on 3/30/02
Good luck to all new buyers ?

02 Indigo Blue, Z71, built 5/1 purchased 3/30 ?

There is a huge mark up on these trucks. This means a lot of room for negotiating. I get GM Supplier Discount Plan which translates to 4% above GM Cost on any GM vehicle or part.
My Truck cost me $32,500!! This is for the Z71 fully loaded. According to GM, the only way to get this truck cheaper is if you are an employee of GM. Then you get what’s called GMS. GMS is equal to GM Cost to build the vehicle. Every GM dealership has the GMS Price on the Invoice of every new vehicle being sold. With GMS and GM Supplier Discount Plan not only do you get the truck at an already discounted price but all current incentive savings plans still apply.
A lot of dealerships are hesitant in participating in this plan. In the end they most get reimbursed from GM for the difference of the vehicle. Getting their money can take some time. They get ([Your cost] – [Dealership cost] = [amount owed to Dealership from GM]) The only place the dealership makes money off of you is from the points they get off your interest rate. The Dealership also has complete say in which vehicle they will honor under this program. I know from experience that I would have had to go to New Jersey to get a 2002 Corvette. There was not one dealership on Long Island willing to give me a Corvette at GM Supplier Discount Price. ($36,000 for the one I wanted.)
Please visit www.GMSupplierDiscount.com for more details. Everyone purchasing this vehicle or any GM vehicle for that matter should check to see if their company is listed as a GM Supplier. I work for an Insurance Company and it turns out we sell a lot of products to GM. That is how I get it. You don’t just have to work for a Dealership or Part Company to benefit from this opportunity to save!!!!
When we were originally looking at Av's, we were pricing one that was identical to the one we bought but it didn't have the Convenience Pack and was built 01/02. As such, they also had another one on the lot with the Conv. Pack. but the dealer told us there would be another $1,000 rebate on it since it was built before 12/18. So, we actually ended up getting an Av more options more less.

Overall, the total came to $7,002 off the sticker of $33,193. $4k dealer discount, $2,002 GM rebate, and $1k old stock rebate. Pretty good deal!