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Buyer's Remorse? Mine's Gone!!!


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Feb 12, 2002
My last vehicle was a pick-up, and I used it weekly as a pick-up. ?When it was put out of it's misery by a less than attentive Dallas driver, I went to go buy a new pick-up.
I saw the AV's on the lot and became very interested. ?From the ad's on TV, the AV looked small. (I thought they were built on the S-10 platform) ?
Needless to say, once I drove a big bad AV, I had to have one. ?The only drawback is that it is so much nicer than my pick-up that I find myself not using it the way I mindlessly used the old truck. ?Because of this, I have found myself on several occasions questioning my purchase. ?(my original plan was to buy a Silverado Crew Cab.)

Well, Friday I rode in a business associates brand new crew cab, on a 300 mile round trip to a meeting in East Texas. ?I honestly thought I was going to get sick. :p :p :p ?I forgot how much a pick-up can bounce and jar the life out of you.
The AV has completely spoiled me! ?:cool: :cool: I don't think I will ever be able to go back.
I just need to loosen up and start using the truck the way I used the last one and enjoy the nice ride!

Hey helmet . .

This whole club is born out of the fact that the Av is so unique! And, as you're finding out, one gets to appreciate all the benefits of the Av more and more as time goes on.

Helmet - you just missed the whistle and roar of your mods - just remember it is a truck - use it or lose it. Mine sits outside with the rest of them - no garage - and I drive it anywhere including the track. ;D
G-man, you brought to mind a point I forgot to mention. Even with the mods I have done... roar, whistle and all, I couldn't believe how loud the Silverado is in terms of outside air noise. Between the wear of the bumpy ride, and the fatigue of the road noise, I slept hard last night. :p
And yes, I did indeed miss the sound of my truck. ;) ;) Even though the Silverado Crew Cab has the 6.0L engine, the stock sound of that beast doesn't compare to my 5.3 with all of the "toys". ;D ;D ;D

I would have to agree with the others that although the AV is a very unique vehicle, it is still a piece of equipment. An SUV or UUV as Chevrolet likes to call it. I bought mine to replace a 98 k1500 loaded silverado leather and all that was my daily driver and hunting truck. Some if the enviroments I hunt in are somewhat hostile to the vehicle, with the snow, mud, rocks, trees, sage and all. The AV has proved itself a suitable replacement, the cladding has saved several scratches that my other truck would now be stuck with. It is much more manuverable, rides better and pulls like a chevy should. I have the hard cover and to haul something in the bed like a truck only takes 60 seconds extra to pop off the panels. I have no regrets. ;D
Yesterday I finally got to drop the midgate and use the Av for it's truck capabilities. I went to Home Depot to pick up some 8' 2" x 6" lumber. It just seemed so easy to load up the wood, as the Av swallowed it up with room to spare. And I did all this while bringing both my daughters with me!

I was somewhat concerned by the marks left on the back of the midgate by dragging the wood across it. But I'm sure they will scrub right off. This vehicle is just plain awesome!
You know Helmet,
thats really funny that you were looking to buy a crewcab silverado, because that is exactly what I was going to do! I was looking for a 3/4 ton 4x4 crewcab with the 8.0 litre big block. Saw the AV, and even though the silverado was cheaper, I bought the AV and I've never looked back. I do alot of desert and hill climbing, goin through ditches etc, and I still have a hard time getting used to the smooth and easy ride :)