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Caddy Engine Cover, What Am I Doing Wrong???


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Feb 22, 2002
Greenfield, WI
Alright, the caddy engine cover came in today and I got home about 7:15. ?I was going to wait until friday afternoon to install it, but the box was staring at me so five seconds later I was under the hood. ?The passenger side was easy, center piece isn't a problem (just test fit, I know it goes on last) but the drivers side I just couldn't get. ?I could get the forward most bolt to line up but the rear was hanging up on the thottle cable and stopped 2" higher than the hole. ?How do you get around it?

I know there's gotta be a way, but I tried every possible angle I could imagine.

Any help is greatly appreciated. ?The suns going down now so I probably won't get a chance to finish until tomorrow after work, but hopefully there is a good solution by then.

I'm attaching a few pics to show the covers fitting and one w/o the cover there.

Thanks again for any help, I'm stumped :-[ and it seemed like it would be so easy.






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Hi Chevy 4x4

Run the brake booster hose behind and on top of the engine cover. Pick it up while you slide the cover in.

I have attached a picture. I hope it helps.


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Thanks for the reply, I got it last night. I've gotta say the caddy cover looks great.

Did you paint yours yourself or did you have shop do it? I've always admired your cover since the first time I saw a pic of it.