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Cadillac 400 Hp Vehicle


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Jul 1, 2002
Columbia, SC
I heard a rumor that Cadilac is putting a 400+ hp V-8 in the CST next year. ?That is the car that took the place of the Catera. ?Can anyone confirm this?? ?I think if that is the case, that will be one fast fast car!!! ?Give the vette a run for its money!!!



Could it be this baby, the Cien? It sports a 750 horsepower, 450 ft/lb, all-aluminum, DOHC V12. I think I am starting to get old enough to consider buying a Caddy! >:D
Next years CST is the Catera replacement, but is only 220 hp V6.

Anther Caddy that seems to have the potential to actually be built is the XLR. It has a 315hp, 4.6L V8.
I think Caddy is going in the right direction with the XLR. GM needs something else competing for the ultra performance(Cobra, Viper, Porsche...)crowd.

Threw the Porsche in there for you CorvetteRod ;)

That XLR will be ridding on a Corvette chassie and will also be built on the same assembly line....Power will be differant, less to start with more to follow...
I like!! I might have to look into those for the "car" in the driveway. Need something besides my AV now!! Must trade up from the piece o crap I have now for a car!!

Wiki said:
I like!! ?I might have to look into those for the "car" in the driveway. ?Need something besides my AV now!! ?Must trade up from the piece o crap I have now for a car!!


Why would you put in the driveway. Would you put it in your garage? You know someone might scraped on steal something from the Caddy?
I believe what your referring to is the CST-V which would be the higher performance variant.....I'm not sure what output is yet and I don't even know if they have confirmed it...but it is something in the neighborhood of what you have mentioned....

The Cien has been put on the backburner for now... :B:
the car you are referring to is the CST-V as NJAV previously stated. it will debut next year with 350 plus hp 5.7 liter Gen III motor.
this info came out of Motor Trend's november issue. it actually talks about some other debuts in the mag. even talks about the end of some other models as well.
adding to what 02 had stated I just read a brief article on the new convertible caddy the XLR I believe that is going to debut shortly....although GM has not officially released official HP figures....many guestimate in the neighborhood of 400hp......I'm also going to venture by saying it isn't going to come cheap either.... :B:
Here are the specs for the Cadillac XLR engine;

2004 Northstar RWD 4.6L V8 (LH2)

Configuration:_______________________________4.6L V8
Installation:________________________Longitudinal RWD
Bore C/L spacing:____________________________102mm
Bore x Stroke:______________93 mm bore x 84 mm stroke
Valve train: _______________________DOHC 4 valves-per
cylinder Fourcam continuously
variable valve timing
w/roller finger followers
Connecting Rod Length:_______________________151 mm
Compression Ratio:____________________________10.5:1
Firing Order:_________________________1-2-7-3-4-5-6-8
Fuel System:_________Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
Fuel:_________________Unleaded Premium recommended
Peak HP:__________________315 HP / 235 kW @ 6400 RPM
Peak Torque:____________310 lb-ft / 420 Nm @ 4,400 RPM
Mass-Engine as shipped:______________189.2 kg/416.3 lb
Engine Speed ? Idle:_________________________650 RPM
WOT Upshift:______________________________6,450 RPM

MSRP is expected to be in the mid $70k range. Release date has been changed to make this a 2004 model. At least one Caddy dealer is taking downpayments.
Well for that kinda money that puts me out of the ballpark...I would've convinced the wife to trade in the Passat for that machine...but considering it costs a small fortune I think we'll pass...too bad...would be nice to drive the heck out of that one.... :B:
I like them both but I have to save every penny to buy them. I'm still paying off my AV.
AtomTaz said:
I like them both but I have to save every penny to buy them. ?I'm still paying off my AV.

You're not kidding...the money I spend making sure it's mine one day isn't half of the money I see myself spending to improve on it daily.... :B:
chevroletavalanche said:
Actually, the Caddilac Escalade is getting 500hp.

Here is the link
This smells like the Dodge Ram SRT-10 pissing contest...I don't think that GM in general is going to allow Dodge to have the supertruck....this must be there answer....to the ram... :B: