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Cadillac Escalade EXT

Over 700 HP?! Wow! Gandolphxx you need to squeeze more HP out of your beast! >:D
Hey, nice little set up there. Only $92,000, sign me up. Let me get my checkbook out. Anyone out there have $91,500 that I can borrow. I'm good for it...promise >:D

Seriously, it would be nice, but for that kind of money, I might turn elsewhere.
I'd rather be a little more stealthy and put a Whipple in my AV >:D

But from reading the specs, it looks like a nice job and probably a fun beasty to get in trouble with! Certainly a lot of expensive work in there.

I like the idea of those Alcon 6-pot calipers and the slotted rotors - I would like some better stopping capability right now! :)
Yeah...I'll take it into consideration if and when I hit the powerball or the big game...until them it's only a dream..in my mind... ;D